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Flat Tire

I have no idea why, but the rear driver's side tire on our Pathfinder keeps going flat and we have no idea why. Sometimes it will be fine for days and then all of a sudden it is flat again.

Several months ago, Daniel took it off to find the hole so he could patch it and there is no hole in the tire. We have suspicions that a teenage boy who lives down the street may be deviously letting the air out of the tire at night - it never seems to go flat when we are other places.

Nomads for Christmas

We left Charlotte on Saturday and arrived in Nashville around 4 p.m. We were blessed to be able to visit with old friends and spend the night with Mark and Carolina.

Sunday we were up early for church and lunch in Hermitage with Marshall and his daughter, Brooklyn. Hillary was missing because her mother is in the hospital and things are not looking so good - she will be in the hospital for Christmas. I feel sick for my good friend and all that she must be experiencing this Christmas season.

Sunday afternoon was off to Murfreesboro to see Daniel's dad and a brief nap since we were up late visiting the night before. Then on to celebrate Daniel's mom's birthday and then back to spend the night with Daniel's dad and grandma.

Today was full of more visiting - breakfast at Cracker Barrel... lunch with extended family... errands and then to LaVergne for Christmas Eve. When in TN, we always have Christmas Eve at Daniel's grandmother's where we enjoy a meal…

Night Riding

Daniel and I periodically ride our bikes at night (Daniel more so than me). Tonight Daniel wanted to go for a ride and he also wanted to take me our for coffee... solution: we bike the 4 miles to Starbucks.

This seemed like a good idea to me until we were outside and I was freezing from the wind. I almost backed out - Daniel said I could drive there and meet him. But I decided to stick it out. The first 10 minutes were miserable, but we soon found some hills and my body started to warm up with the exercise.

Riding at night is different from the day. Maybe it is because it is December, but I love to ride and see all of the Christmas lights decorating people's homes.

I was actually sweating by the time we reached Starbucks. After drinking my coffee and cooling down a bit, I remembered that we still had to ride home and the beginning of the ride would be cold. It is much harder when you know what to expect. But once we were going, I was fine.

I definitely did not have to …

Christmas Stuff

Today has been a busy day for me - mostly because I procrastinate and have put off doing the "Christmas stuff." So today I have been busy finishing our Christmas letter as well as doing lots of baking.

We live so far away from so many family members that we have found it impossible to see both of our families during the holidays. So for us, every other year is with family or in-laws. It is nice to get to experience different family traditions, but I definitely miss it when we are not with my family.

Mostly little things make me miss my family. For instance today, while baking, I made bon bons (thanks Angela for sending me the recipe). It seems like when we are together, we are all in the kitchen making bon bons and talking and laughing. So today, I was in my own kitchen, by myself, listening to Christmas music and wishing I was baking with my family instead of alone. I guess that is the price I pay for living so far away.

Job Update

Here is the most recent update about job stuff: I am not sure where things are at between Aquent and Enventys. I have been having a difficult time getting information. I continue to pray that it will work out, but at this point, things seem to be at a standstill.

On a brighter note, I had an interview this afternoon with York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC and I am their newest adjunct professor. I will be teaching 3 back-to-back evening classes for the spring semester on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I have to admit that I am a little nervous about teaching, but I know the material well, so I am sure I will do fine.

The courses I will be teaching are: Intro to Graphic Design, Digital Photography and Photoshop CS2.

Our Fifth Anniversary

Has it really been five years since we got married? Last night we were reminiscing about the night before our wedding... pre-wedding jitters and excitement and being with friends and family. It is kind of surreal to look back at that time now. Daniel asked me if there was anything that I would change about the past five years and after a moment's thought, I said no. Life has not been perfect, but we have learned so much and grown so much.

When we were first married and so in love, it was hard to imagine that things would ever be better than what they were on December 16, 2002 and yet here we are on December 16, 2007 and things are better than we could have ever imagined. Our love has grown and we have both changed, but for good. Daniel agrees that there isn't anything that he would change either.

We spent the weekend in Hilton Head. Friday was gorgeous and sunny, Saturday was overcast and rainy and today it cleared up again. We really enjoyed our time there. It is t…


I am still waiting on my job situation. The two companies that I am in limbo with are hopefully going to negotiate and work everything out tomorrow. It is tough not having any control over the situation, but I know that it will all work out for the best and I am prepared for any outcome.  On a happy note, Daniel and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary on December 16 (we actually remembered this year). We are leaving tomorrow for Hilton Head so we can enjoy our anniversary relaxing at the beach. It will be good to get away from all of the stress of the past week.

I will praise You in the storm.

This is an email I sent out early this morning. It recaps the past 24 hours and what has happened (actually not happened with the job thing). I just ask that you continue to keep me in your prayers.

This is a difficult email to write, but I need to ask for your prayers again.

Yesterday I was reading in Genesis about how God asked Abraham to sacrifice the thing he loved the most. So he took Isaac to the mountain. When his son asked where the sacrifice was, Abraham said that God will provide...

Yesterday, through no fault of my own, I found out that the hiring company and the placement company could not agree on terms. Devastated, I directly called the Creative Director at at the hiring company to see what was up (at this point I had been told I would not be hired after all with no explanation).

The hiring company told me they really liked me but could not agree to the terms financially. I asked them to give me a chance to talk to the temp agency. I called the temp agency an…

Bike Commuting

Daniel started commuting to work on his bicycle in April. Since then he biked more than 1000 miles and saved us a lot on gas expenses and general wear and tear on our car.

Now that I will be starting my new job downtown we started discussing the possibility of me bike commuting with him. In an effort to see if I was even up for it, we decided to make the ride this afternoon.

My new company is only 1 mile from Daniel's. So we got on our bikes and made the 10 mile ride past Land Design and on to Enventys. Going in took about an hour and was mostly downhill and a pretty enjoyable ride. Coming home we took a slightly different route and it took just over an hour.

Doing the ride back to back (20+ miles) really wasn't too bad. Some time around mile 15-ish I started to get some numbness in my feet and soreness in my tail. But as for riding one way, I am pretty sure I can handle it and will probably start riding with Daniel. I will probably wait at least a few days to get…

I.D. Magazine, Everyday Edisons & Answered Prayer

I am a passionate person. In the past five years, I have not had a job that I was even remotely passionate about and a part of me never dreamed that it was even possible for me to find that kind of job. Yesterday, a series of events, that I am still reeling over, led me to a job I can be passionate about.

Now for a little background: Several years ago I started reading the magazine I.D. (International Design). It is a product design magazine that showcases new products from all over the globe. For me it was exciting to read about all of the innovations going on in the world. It also brought together engineering of products with aesthetic design which was exciting for me to share with Daniel.

Sometime last year I was flipping channels on a Sunday afternoon and I came across the show, Everyday Edisons on PBS. It was a reality TV show of sorts. It brought everyday people together to pitch their inventions - the inventions were then taken through a production phase and then brand…

Christmas Tree

My sister told me once that Daniel and I need to have more traditions. We actually have some and we are building on them. Tonight we put up our Christmas tree - the one we bought at Big Lots five years ago when we were first married. It isn't much but it gets the job done - some day we will get a real tree.

Decorating the tree always brings back memories - there are ornaments from my childhood, a ton of "newly married" ornaments (since we were married right before Christmas, it seemed like everyone gave us an ornament), and then there are the ornaments we have been collecting from places we have visited over the past five years. We have them from Hawaii, Oregon, Hilton Head, and the Outer Banks. The more places we go, the more we have to decorate our tree with.

Tonight I made homemade hot chocolate - I found a great recipe online, then while listening to Christmas music we set up and decorated our tree. So that is our new tradition.


My sister forwarded me a couple of surveys. I am not a huge fan of forwarding things, so I am going to just post my answers...

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? I think my Dad dated a girl in college who had a cousin named Cheree and he liked the name and so did my mom...

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? I don't generally cry.

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? It is not so great. I normally try to print for legibility.

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? I like pretty much all lunch meat.



7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? I used it a lot more when I was in high school and college.



10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? There are too many to choose from...




Snoring at the movies and other interesting things...

Friday we worked on the house all day and then rewarded ourselves by watching 4 hours of season two of 24.

Saturday we worked on the house during the day and then went to see a movie at the dollar theater. We ended up seeing 3:10 to Yuma - which we enjoyed. However, the interesting thing that happened was we were sitting a couple of seats down from a guy who was alone who fell asleep and was snoring LOUDLY throughout the movie. At the end of the movie, he leaned over and asked Daniel why the movie ended the way it did - maybe if he had stayed awake he would know...

Tonight our life group went to a local nursing home to sing Christmas carols and visit with the residents. One of the women there asked me if Daniel was my husband. Then proceeded to tell me that he was handsome and I had a good catch. This was followed by her wanting to know why we didn't have kids yet...

We are now home working on hanging a grouping of 10 picture frames of various sizes on the wall. This is…