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My first wipe out...

This morning on the way to catch the bus, I took my first real spill. I have come close in the past - mountain biking, there have been numerous times I have banged handle bars, pedals, knees and elbows on trees as I rode by. There have even been some almost-spills. But this is the first, entire body and bike laying on the ground kind of spill.

It happened as I was reaching my bus stop. I could see the bus ahead getting ready to make the turn to where the bus stop was. I was pedaling furiously hoping to make it. I was also hoping the normal group would be there so it would give me a chance to make it.

As I rounded the corned, I realized there were no people. So I decided to try to get off of the sidewalk and cut through the dirt and mulch, hoping the bus driver would see me. Of course, I had skinny tires on my bike, not my big knobby ones for mountain biking.

So instead of making a smooth transition, I immediately found myself and the bike in a heap on the ground. I have so…

Strange Sounds in the Night

Last night I woke up around 3 and could have sworn that I heard a baby crying outside. Shortly after, it sounded like an angry cat and then a baby again. I was woken up 2 more times by this strange sound.

This morning I told Daniel about what I heard. Then sometime after 9 he heard it too. We looked outside to see a cat that seemed to be guarding one of our vehicles. I figured there might be kittens, so we went outside to investigate.

We got too close and soon 3 full grown cats were fleeing from under the vehicle. They continued to make this awful crying noise. It sounded so much like a baby, that we checked under the car to make sure there wasn't a baby there.

The cats all watched us warily from our deck. Two in particular really seemed to make a lot of noise - it was like they were yelling at each other.

Throughout the day we continued to see and hear these cats as they wandered around the neighborhood. All of the neighborhood cats seem to think our yard is their ow…

Bike Commute Log

Yesterday Daniel and I rode our bikes to work together. Biking had been on hold for me because of teaching, but I am finally getting around to doing it.

We rode to the bus stop together, about a mile, and rode the express bus into downtown - this saves us from getting sweaty in the mornings. I went to the Y to shower and change and biked about half a mile from the Y to work.

Around 5 p.m. Daniel called to ask me what I thought about riding in lightening... we both looked at the radar and figured the storm was heading north and we were biking south so we would be okay.

I met Daniel at LandDesign and we started out of town. We meandered over to East Blvd and decided to stop at Big Daddy's to eat dinner. This was a good choice since it soon started to pour and thunder and lightening. We waited out the storm and once the lightening had passed, we got on our way.

Riding in the rain was cold, but thankfully the rain only lasted for about 10 minutes of the ride - enough for u…

Exhaustion Sets In...

We are finally home from the final casting call of the year in Providence, RI. Actually we have been home for a few hours, but have just managed to get up from naps.
This was by far the best casting call of this year and I am so glad that Daniel had the chance to go with me and experience it. Here is a recap as best as I can currently remember it...

Friday morning we were up incredibly early (4:30-ish) in order to drive to the airport and catch our 6:30a.m. flight to Boston. The plane we flew on only fit 35 people and at least half was our group. Somehow we were on the "good" flight through Newark which only had a one hour lay-over before going on to Boston. The other half of our group ended up flying through Cleveland where they had a much longer layover which meant less time for sightseeing in Boston.

We arrived in Boston around 11 where we were picked up by a bus and dropped off in downtown Boston at Fanuill Hall with instructions to meet back for a 5p.m. pick…

Graduation, Tornado Threats and Mother's Day

This weekend I was able to fly home for the weekend to celebrate Mark's graduation from Harding University and to be with my family for mother's day. It was a special treat for me and I was pretty thankful to see everyone since I had not been home since Thanksgiving.

Graduation went really well - the biggest highlight (besides seeing my little brother walk across the stage) was at the end, when a graduating student got up and said he had an announcement and then proceeded to propose to another graduating student. It was pretty sweet - not everyday that you see that happen.

Saturday evening, Angela and Mark and I went to WalMart to pick up some last minute things for Mother's Day - unfortunately while we were in WM, tornado warnings started going off. They locked the front doors to the store and herded us all to the back. Of course this was the last place I wanted to be during a possible tornado. We sat on the floor and waited for 20 minutes for the storm to …


Daniel's dad is here for the weekend. I had really planned on getting some cleaning done, but a severe Friday migraine kept me from taking care of cleaning. At least the bathroom was clean. Wesley doesn't seem to mind.

The weekend has been enjoyable so far. Daniel and his dad fixed our broken fence and have done some other projects in the yard. They bought some grass seed that is supposed to grow well in the shade. They are sowing it right now in the front yard because we have so many trees and the grass tends to be sparse or clover patches at the very least.

We went to see Vantage Point this afternoon at the dollar theater. It was a pretty good movie. I liked seeing how all of the pieces of the story fit together. And then we grabbed Chipotle for dinner (yumm... one of my favorites).

Next weekend I am headed to Searcy for Mark's graduation and then the following weekend is the final casting call of the year in Providence, Rhode Island. I am really excited bec…