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Meet Sophie

For some time Daniel and I have been on the fence about getting a dog. For one reason or another we have continued to put off the whole dog thing.

Last Monday, Mike, the editor of the magazine I work on, sent out a company-wide email saying that he was looking for a home for one of his dogs and that he would even offer a week-long trial period. Now how often do you get to test drive a dog? We figured it was a golden opportunity for us and that if we discovered that we weren't dog people, we would kindly give her back.

Saturday morning, Mike came over with Sophie. She is a 45-ish pound Beagle mutt who is extremely friendly and very well behaved. Unless you are a stranger. Unfortunately for us, we were strangers. She did fine when Mike was there, and even after he left and we took her inside, she was good for about 30 minutes. But somewhere in there she started getting nervous and soon was growling and barking at Daniel. A dog that barks at his owner i…

Ever had one of these mornings?

Didn't sleep that well last night. Was in a rush to leave for work and locked the front door before I realized it was cooler than I had expected and that I needed a jacket. Went back inside for said jacket.

Proceeded to make it to the car before I realized that I had left my coffee on the counter. Since you can't sleep poorly and then not have a large cup of coffee to start the day, I went back inside for said coffee.

Proceeded to the car a second time. Sat down, stuck keys in the ignition and had the feeling I was missing something. Checked my purse and saw that I didn't have my phone with me. Went back in (for a third time) for said phone.

I hope my day does not turn into a continuous string of forgetfulness...

Bake or Break...

I recently came across the blog Bake or Break, Adventures of an Amateur Baker. I.LOVE.IT. I can't wait to try some of the recipes.

Some of my faves include:
Pecan Pie Cheesecake
Hazelnut Crescent Cookies
Fresh Berry Tart


Some time in the past year, I got it in my head that it would be cool to ride a century (100 miles in cyclist speak). Quite possibly this idea got into my head, when my friend, Taryn decided she was going to ride in the Hotter'N Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls, TX.

Daniel and I have recently been discussing the need to 1) get back into shape and 2) reclaim some of the fun things we used to do with our time (hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, cycling, etc). Now that Daniel has time to work on the house during the week, we are feeling the urge to get out and do the things we love again.

So this morning we decided to start "training" to ride 100 miles. Our initial goal is to be able to ride the full length of the Virginia Creeper Trail (67.2 miles round trip, starting in Abingdon, VA). We have actually done this ride starting in Damascus, VA for a total of 35.2 miles. Doing the ride from Abingdon will give us a metric century (approximately 100 km).

After that…


You may have noticed that I haven’t written many notes lately. Chalk it up to not having much to say, but I really haven’t been sure what to write about… Should I write about life with an unemployed spouse? Should I write about how I feel about my own work? Should I post about my general restlessness or my thankfulness for spring (even with the onslaught of allergies). Here is a quick recap of my trip to Memphis...
Last week/weekend I was able to spend a lovely five days with my (very pregnant) sister and her husband. Also saw my parents, grandma, great aunt and uncle and my sister’s in-laws. However, I did miss that my little brother couldn’t come visit, but that is life these days, you take what you can get…

Besides visiting with family, the highlight of the weekend was attending my sister's baby shower and surprising her with my gift... Five years ago, when Daniel and I went to Papua New Guinea, we bought a bilum for carrying babies. We figured someday, we would eith…