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52 Books: Book 41

Being pregnant has influenced several of my reading choices this year. My most recent book being Natural Childbirth the Bradley Wayby Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg.
For the past 8 months or so I have spent a lot of time thinking about the topic of natural childbirth verses medicated childbirth. I have talked with many women about their personal experiences as well as read countless delivery stories online. I have asked my sister {a labor and delivery nurse} questions about what happens in the delivery room and I have spoken to my OB about her personal practices. Daniel and I have discussed the topic as well. 
Actually until a few weeks ago, it had not crossed my mind that Daniel would actually have an opinion one way or another {it is my body after all}. He surprised me by saying that if I was up to it, he was in favor of me seriously considering the natural childbirth route. His comment made me get serious about researching the topic to evaluate whether this was something I thought I could d…


This week I thought I would write about the importance of exercise and diet in my pregnancy. Thankfully I have been able to continue to be very active, practicing yoga twice a week and cardio kickboxing twice a week. These workouts make me feel great {even on the days I don't feel like hauling myself out of bed} and they provide some normalcy to my life.
The importance of my diet and exercising really hit home this week. This past weekend we were out of town visiting family for our baby shower. By Sunday I was extremely swollen and uncomfortable – really for the first time. I could barely put on my shoes and my hands felt strange.
It dawned on me that when we travel I don't exercise and my healthy eating goes out the window. I eat way too many sweets, I don't drink enough water and I drink way too much caffeine. After we got home on Sunday night I felt truly miserable. I googled how to reduce swelling and read that you should drink more water.
Monday I made myself go to yoga …

Thoughts on Dormers

The closer we get to having our baby, the more I start to think about parenting type things. Things that have never crossed my mind before.
For instance last week I was looking out the nursery window and it dawned on me that I once lived in a house that had dormers. I was between the ages of 8 and 10 and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to knock the screen out of the window and crawl out and sit on the roof. What 8-year-old thinks that is a good idea??? I have no idea if this was my own adventurous spirit or if a friend encouraged me to do it. I do remember that my friend and I did this on a regular basis.
So now I am worried. We have dormers in both upstairs bedrooms AND the bathroom. I can just envision our kid {or kids} crawling out the window and walking down the roof to the other bedroom. I mean it was something I did as a kid, so what's to say our kid won't do something similar? 
This past weekend I told my parents about my penchant for sitting on the roof as a …

Greeting Cards: Baby Showers

Thank you to my sister and best friend for throwing me an amazing baby shower.
*This is the ninth in my series of twelve "I Love You More" cards 
that I have designed and will be posting throughout the year.

© Cheree Moore

Baby Shower

Saturday was our baby shower for Jack. My sister did a great job of hosting. I love that I have such a creative family... I wonder where those genes came from {kidding, thank you mom and dad for passing along your creativity to us}.

While Angela was busy decorating on Friday night, Robert wandered downstairs and said, "I thought we weren't decorating the whole house?" I don't think Angela is capable of throwing a party without going all out. Of course, it looked great and I appreciate all of her trouble.

We had a potluck style BBQ. Many thanks to all of our family members for bringing such wonderful dishes. Everything tasted superb. 

Thank you to my best friend, Kristalynne, for coming up with the games. The trivia was hilarious.
Examples:  What was the best way to calm Daniel as a baby?
A) Take the car apart
B) Build a deck
C) Read a calculus book
D) Hold him and rock him What was Cheree's first word?
A) Yoga
B) Dada
C) Mountain
D) DanielWe had such a fun time and enjoyed see…

You're Looking Swell...

We just made it home from a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends. My sister and best friend from high school threw us an amazing shower. We feel very blessed that so many people that love us came out to celebrate the coming arrival of baby Jack. Tomorrow I will blog about our wonderful shower, but wanted to write a quick post about a recent pregnancy-related experience...
A couple of weeks ago, I took my wedding rings off because I was noticing some mild swelling in my hands. The rings still fit, but I didn't want to run into an issue of not being able to get them off my hand. 
Now fast forward to Friday... we were getting ready to leave for Nashville for the weekend and I noticed my rings sitting on my bathroom counter next to the sink. In my mind I thought that maybe I should take them with me just in case someone broke into our house while we were gone and stole them {unlikely but the thought did cross my mind}. So I slipped my rings onto my slightly swollen baby finge…


My Pregnancy By the Numbers... 226 prenatal vitamins swallowed. 220 minutes spent at they gym each week – I plan to keep it up until I can no longer tie my tennis shoes or it just gets to be too much. Cardio Kickboxing and Yoga keep me feeling great. 161 shots in my stomach. 145 beats per minute was what Jack's heartbeat was last Friday.
90 ounces of water is my daily goal. 51 days until our due date.  20 pounds gained. 10 full body push ups is my current max before my arms turn to jelly – thank you 20 extra pounds.
9 OB visits completed.  7 cups of coffee drank each week – don't judge me {they are half caf}. 7 ultrasounds – four of which were 3D to try to see Jack's face.  4 pairs of maternity pants purchased {one pair of dress pants from Target, two pairs of jeans from Motherhood, one pair of used jeans from Unclaimed Baggage}. 3.7 is the average number of Braxton Hicks that I am feeling these days. 3 pairs of maternity pants returned – these things will not stay up on me. Wearing…

52 Books: Book 40

Last week's book was Gloryland by Shelton Johnson. It is the story of Elijah Yancy who is born on Emancipation Day in 1863. He is the son of sharecroppers who live in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Unfortunately they quickly learn that in the South emancipation did not mean equality.
Elijah's background is interesting in that he is both black and of Indian descent. As a teenager he witnesses a lynching and soon after he must leave the South in order to be spared his own life. He walks until he reaches Nebraska where he ends up joining the U.S. Army as part of the Calvary. 
Elijah struggles with being a part of an army that requires him to subdue Native Americans in the West and then sends him to the Philippines to help quell a rebellion. In both cases he realizes he is helping to take away land and freedoms from strangers – freedoms he has never experienced himself.
At the end of the story Elijah is sent to Yosemite to help patrol the newly created National Park. It is the first ti…

What components of your cars air conditioner should not look like...

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. Sometimes it is nice to just chill. We made a little headway on the nursery – adding shelves to one of the closets. There is still much to do.
On Sunday Daniel worked on our Subaru's air conditioner. It has some kind of leak and over the last several weeks he has been on a mission to find the leak and fix it. He finally decided to replace the condenser and evaporator {he will have to correct me if I get any of this wrong}.
Anyways, the evaporator is located behind the glove box. Yesterday he removed the evaporator to install the new one and this is what he discovered:

Dirt and leaves and fur and who knows what is clogging everything up {on the right}! Compared to the new one {on the left} the old looks like it has been dragged through mud. We have no idea how it could be so gross since it is a closed system that is behind the glove box {inside the car, separate from where the engine is}. 

It really looks like it could be from a vehicle that had been…

Fourth Time's a Charm

We finally were able to see Jack's face today – how amazing is technology??? This was our fourth attempt at the 3D ultrasound and he finally cooperated! We even got a little smile out of him at one point – though no picture of that. His heart rate was 145 today and he is still measuring on schedule with our due date.

52 Books: Book 39

Last week I finished BabyWise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam. Based on internet reviews this seems to be one of those books that people either love or hate. I am not a parent yet so I can't say definitely how it will work for us, but I do know many people who have used the principles in this book and have had great results.
I didn't find this book to be as extreme as some of the reviewers claimed it was. In fact from how I was raised and my own personal beliefs I think this book supports a style of parenting that I am very much on board with. I think schedules are good though there should be flexibility within any schedule. Also I really believe parents need to be in charge and that teaching {even at a young age} is the parents responsibility. I know not everyone will agree with this approach and that is OK. We are all allowed to raise our kids as we see fit.
From all of the hype I thought the book would be predominantly about getting your baby to sleep and making them cry it …


The weeks are flying by. Seriously. There are so many things I know I should be doing and preparing for. But I'm not. Stupid procrastination habit. 
My sister will periodically ask me important questions like:  How's the nursery coming along?It isn't. 
Have you thought about what you will do for meals once the baby is here?Um, no.  Is that important?
Have you registered for baby stuff and can I get a list of guests for your baby shower? This one we actually took care of and I feel accomplished!
In all honesty, I have recently spent some thought on the nursery question... I have designed artwork for the walls! Also I think we are close to deciding on a material for the bedding and curtains – it is the Bicycle Haze pattern by Michael Miller. It is white with gray and aqua bicycles. I am waiting for a sample from Etsy to see if Daniel is ok with the aqua. If it wasn't for the aqua, we would snatch this fabric up in a heartbeat... we shall see.

I also found a rocking chair I LOV…

Paddling from Bellefonte

Since the weather has been a little cooler, Daniel and I decided to take our canoe out on Sunday. We started the day eating breakfast on our back porch and listening to the church bells down the road chime out the song "When Peace Like a River." It was a perfect way to start our day.

After lunch we loaded up our canoe, gear and Sophie and headed over to Bellefonte. There was a time when Sophie was terrified of the water. But she got used to it. And then she didn't like her life jacket. But she got used to that too. And she wasn't fond of sitting in the canoe. But she got used to that as well. In fact, when I climbed in the canoe, she waded out in the water and tried to climb in by herself – I guess she didn't want to get left behind.

We paddled about 1.5 miles through a marshy inlet to get to the Tennessee River. It is amazing what a difference there is between a big flowing river and a little tributary. There was plenty of wildlife to see – mostly huge cranes and…

S'mores with the Moores

Golden Graham S'mores Bars– recipe adapted from Macaroni and Cheesecake
A year ago we were still living in a camper at Raccoon Mountain and we invited our good friends, the Reynolds, to come visit us to indulge in "S'mores with the Moores." Both of our families were about to embark on some big changes – the Reynold's were expecting baby #3 any day and we were about to close on our house in Alabama.
Almost a year later, we finally found a weekend where the Reynolds could come down for a quick visit to see our new house. We {meaning Daniel} indulged in taking the two older kids on four wheeler rides and we finished the evening by grilling steaks.
Andrew waiting for his turn to ride our ATV with Daniel.
The best compliment ever is to have a little kid tell you how much they loved their dinner – Sadie {who just turned five} surprised everyone by eating 1.5 ears of corn as opposed to the half an ear we originally gave her. This might have had something to do with the fact…

52 Books: Book 38

When I was a teenager I read several Erma Bombeck books that my mom had checked out of the library. They were hysterical. Even as a teenager, the honesty and humor of everyday life was not lost on me. 
My most recent book to read was A Marriage Made in Heaven: Or Too Tired for an Affair and was full of gems on getting married, wading through the waters of being a wife and a mother, joining the workforce, becoming super mom, and growing old with your mate.
Excerpts from the book: What Bill and I looked like and how we lived didn't seem to matter anymore. The impact was driven home one afternoon when I realized there was nothing of either of us left in the house any more. Our hobbies and interests had been regulated to cardboard boxes and stored in the attic. Our favorite books had been replaced by doctors Spock and Seuss. We didn't have toys of our own... they had been replaced by head-bumping mobiles and shin-cracking rocking horses. Even our wedding picture had been replaced by …


We are moving right along with this pregnancy thing. Last Friday I had a check up. Baby Jack is still doing well and continuing to grow. We still haven't been able to get a good picture of his face with the 3D ultrasound, so they have been letting us try to take a peak at every visit. This was my third time to get a glimpse of the little guy {in 3D}. He is still being uncooperative and won't move his hands and arms out of the way. The ultrasound tech was kind enough to print me a picture of what we could see, but told me to check in with her at our next appointment and we will try again. We paid extra to get the 3D ultrasound and we are definitely getting our money's worth. Funny story about my last visit to the OB: When they called me back it was a nurse I had never seen before. She took my blood pressure and checked my weight – all of the usual stuff. Then she took me back to a room and gave me a gown and told me to undress and wait for my doctor. I thought this was kind …

52 Books: Books 37

I have been reading some pregnancy/parenting books lately. It seems fitting since we are expecting soon. Mostly I have been disappointed. In regards to pregnancy, mine has been an easy one and most of the symptoms that the books suggest I should experience, I have not experienced. I have some great recommendations for parenting books, but haven't felt the need to start them yet since I still have about 9 weeks to go. 
Anyways, I just finished reading And Baby Makes Three by John Gottman andJulie Schwartz Gottman. To be quite honest, this read like a marital counseling book targeted at couples who had not been married very long. Daniel and I have almost a decade of marriage under our belts and the issues discussed in the book are essentially non issues for us. So maybe a good read for a young couple or a newly married couple, but not for us. I need to find a book that addresses people who have chosen to wait a significant amount of time before they decided to have children.

Labor Day Weekend

On Friday our long-time friends, the Wheeler's, came down to our place to spend part of the weekend with us. We were really excited because we haven't seen them in over 5 years. Gwynn and Chuck were our first "couple" friends to make after we were newly married and in Cookeville. We are so thankful that we have been able to keep in touch with them and now that we live a little closer, we are hoping to see them more often.

Much has changed since we left Cookeville 7 years ago... they have three kids now and we have a dog and a baby on the way. 

Originally we had planned to go camping but due to the fact that it has been HOT and I am pregnant and finding a place to camp on Labor Day was proving difficult, we decided to invite them to our place to have some fun.

Friday night they arrived late and put the kids straight to bed. In the meanwhile, we adults stayed up way past our bedtime {1:30-ish} visiting.

The next morning, after breakfast, we loaded the kids and canoe up and…