Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jack is Four Months

At the start of this month we started sleep training. Initially Jack was not a fan. He would cry for up to 60 minutes before we intervened. Sophie found this very worrisome and would go to check on Jack when the crying got really intense. Night time was still a breeze... it was just nap time that seemed to be problematic :(

After two days Jack finally seemed to get the hang of sleeping in his crib for naps. Even better is that we have basically cut out the middle of the night feedings – Jack can go between 6 and 8 hours without eating. Yay for more sleep time for me :)

Our little guy is talking up a storm these days. He especially seems to like babbling along to music. Sometimes he just shouts out sounds. It is so sweet. However it seems that the days when I could nurse him and put him back {quietly} in his bed {after his 7 a.m. feeding} are gone. He babbles away, getting louder and louder until I finally make myself get up and start my day. I am going to miss those extra 1-2 hours in the morning.

Jack is using his hands more to grasp things. He really likes the rings that we have hanging down for him to grasp when he is in his car seat or bouncer. He also likes holding onto my hair.

He is starting to splash with his feet during bath time. It won't be long before we have to move his baby tub from the counter top to the bathtub. Otherwise the floor {and Daniel} will be soaked.

Jack has really been growing this month. He seems to be getting longer by the minute. He has totally outgrown his footed pajamas that are 3 months {even the 3-6 months are snug}. So I had to buy a few 6 month jammies {I am hoping to make it to some big consignment sales in Nashville and Huntsville soon}. It will be interesting to see how long he is when we go to his 4-month PED appointment on Tuesday.

When Jack was first born, Daniel asked his dad how often we should cut his fingernails. His dad replied, "Every six hours." We all laughed, but sometimes it really does seem like those suckers grow with abandon. At least we discovered that clipping fingernails while Jack is asleep is much easier than when he is awake.

Jack went to the park for the first time this month. We are looking forward to more park days.

We introduced Jack to his high chair this month. He loves being able to "sit" and watch us eat. This means we will have to start eating at the table regularly instead of at the coffee table in front of the TV {a bad habit we have developed over the years}.

Daniel recently showed Jack how to use a screwdriver. He also tells him how to fix things like HVAC units. Jack soaks up everything we say. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in his little mind. Especially when I sing him silly songs or talk in different voices or when Daniel uses big words to describe the world to him.

We were able to see a lot of both of our families this month. My family got together for a visit in Nashville so that my parents could meet their newest grandbaby, Levi. In the last four months we jumped from one grandbaby to three {and in the last ten years we have gone from a family of five to a family of ten}. I see lots of fun in the future.

Jack also got to see his Great Grandmother {on Daniel's side}. She is smitten with our little guy – as is everyone. 

We truly grow to love our little boy more and more with each passing day. It is amazing how your capacity to love grows and changes. We are so blessed.

*I will be writing monthly updates of Jack with pictures of Jack and the Tonka truck on the 11th of each month. One Month Old. Two Months Old. Three Months Old.


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