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Lupi's Pizza Pies

If you are in Chattanooga and are in the mood for good pizza, you really need to check out Lupi's on Broad. On a Sunday night it was not overly crowded, but definitely busy. The atmosphere is psychedelic (similar to Mellow Mushroom) but the pizza was much better.

Lupi's pizza is topped with fresh, local ingredients, though at a premium price. They also offer a whole wheat crust that was extremely good. If you need gluten free, that is on their menu as well. We really enjoyed our experience here, it is now in our Top Five favorite pizza places ever.

Random story from our parking experience. We noticed scores of black birds flying overhead as we circled to find a parking spot close to Lupi's. Luckily we found one within a block of the restaurant. As a I turned off the car, we heard a plop and looked up to see bird poop land squarely on the windowshield in front of us. It then dawned on us what parking under hundreds of birds in trees meant... plop. plop. plop.

Daniel unbuckled…

Thursday Things {Random, September 2013}

1. It has been a really trying couple of weeks. It might have to do with the fact that we have been in a hotel for 8 out of the last 11 days. It could have to do with the knowledge that Daniel is probably going to get busier at work very soon and we are trying like mad to find a livable place to rent (for cheap). Or it is knowing that we still have to sell a house in Hollywood (one that we have yet to put on the market). There are still so many unknowns and we are trying to make good decisions by basically guessing. We are stressed to the max.

2. My brother came to visit us last week for two days. He cooked for us and just hung out. He helped me pull staples out of a chair that I am recovering. He told me that I was being too picky about the rental house thing. I'm trying to take his advice. You can do anything/live anywhere for a few months, right? We have a lot on our plates right now but I enjoyed hanging out with my little bro and I'm thankful that he came for a visit.

3. I …

See Jack {early August}

This is an ongoing series of videos that I am sharing so that our extended family can keep up with how Jack is growing and changing in these early years.

See Jack using a felt basket for a hat and climb onto the coffee table. Oh to be a toddler.
{early August}

See Jack bounce. He looks so big in that crib, but I am thankful that he still sleeps in it! {early August}

See Jack shut all of the doors upstairs. He loves to shut any door that is open.
{early August}

See Jack play with the garden hose. It's all fun and games until a toddler sprays himself in the face!
{early August}

See Jack push his dump truck near and then far.
{early August}

Mommy vs. Toddler

No, don't lick the rock. No Jack!Don't stick your hands in the toilet. No, don't stand in your toy shopping cart.

Do you need a new diaper? Jack: No.

Do you want some milk? Jack: No.

Do you want to go bye bye? Jack: No.

As Jack continues to grow, he is testing his independence and, at times, my patience. Every day is a new battle of wills. I am thankful that he is learning how to communicate and tell me more of what he needs or wants, but some days can be challenging.

This week marked our first time staying in an extended stay hotel. Up until now, we have been able to find weekly house rentals that met our needs, but as fall approaches we are finding less availability. 

Considering that we were out of options, the extended stay worked out fairly well for us. Sophie posed a bit of a challenge with the need for multiple daily walks, but thankfully there was a park nearby. 

Our first night at the hotel, Jack had a hard time adjusting (he is probably just tired of the constant tra…

See Jack {mid-late July}

This is an ongoing series of videos that I am sharing so that our extended family can keep up with how Jack is growing and changing in these early years.

See Jack getting his cars lined up. {mid July}

See Jack play at the Splash Pad and master the water slide. {mid July}

See Jack climb up on a bar-height chair at Aunt Emily's house.
{late July}

See Jack at the Splash Pad with his daddy.
{late July}

See Jack play with water in his high chair. The kid loves water.
{late July}


Last week we stayed in NorthShore (across the river from downtown Chattanooga). Daniel has been working two hours from our home in Alabama since June. In an effort to keep our family together, we have been choosing to stay in the Chattanooga area during the work week. This is definitely not a vacation, but we have been enjoying some of the perks of being in a city again. We hope to sell our house and be in a permanent place by the end of the year.

We ate at Tremont Tavern last Sunday night. They have excellent burgers and their homemade chips are the best I have ever tasted. Seriously! This was our first visit and we weren't sure what to expect. One review mentioned that it is a small bar with limited seating. When we walked in the door, it was packed. As we briefly waited for a table, a woman at a table next to the door started chatting with Jack. She told us he was the cutest thing in the bar and then offered us her table. Score. Yay for having our cutie pie with us. 

I ordered th…

A Boat, a Museum and our Valet Parking Experience // Vacation Day 6

For our final day of vacation, Daniel and I decided we wanted to get out on the water. We considered our options – sailing, kayaking, a dolphin tour, or renting a pontoon boat. 

When we looked at the prices and time involved we decided that a pontoon rental was a good fit for our family. We also liked that we could invite our friends to tag along on our little day trip.

Luther's Pontoon in Destin had excellent reviews and amazing prices. As a bonus, prices had dropped even more because it was after Labor Day. In addition their low prices INCLUDES gas. We made a reservation and met up with our friends at 9am on Thursday morning.

The staff at Luther's were really friendly. Once they gave us some information about the boat and a map and tips for the harbor, we were off.

Daniel drove us out to Joe's Bayou first in hopes of catching some fish. Chris had stopped for bait and Luther's provided fishing poles for the kids for free.

Unfortunately the only thing that got caught was th…