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Books I Read in December (#25-27)

If the last two years are any indication, having a kid really does make it harder to find time to read. This is the second year in which I only made it halfway to my goal of reading one book a week. Having said that, I am very thankful I have still been able to average about one book every other week.

Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner was my 25th book to read this year. I actually read this book in 2008 after I saw it mentioned on the reality TV show Beauty and the Geek. I really enjoyed the book the first time (giving it 5 stars on Goodreads) and still found it interesting five years later. I find Levitt's way of thinking to be fascinating. At the time of reading this book, I also happened to be house hunting. I kept wishing that there was a formula I could use to determine what house was best suited to my family and what that house would be worth. If only house hunting was that easy...

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell was also a repeat book for me. I love th…

We Closed

Our last night together in our house.
We officially moved out of our house the weekend before Christmas but we didn't close on selling the house until Saturday. And today we received the official confirmation from the relo company that our part of selling the house is done. Yahoo! Here are a few pictures of our last day at the house as a family.

 Jack's choice for his last breakfast at the house was peanut butter from the jar. 
Jack had fun with his birthday train while the house was packed up.
 Jack is practicing with the tape measure while his Daddy  works on adding a rail to the stairs on the front of our house.
 Watching his Daddy work on the steps.

Moore Family Christmas 2013

Up until Christmas Eve, there had been no time to do any of the traditions that we normally would do. And even though life still isn't exactly normal, we were finally able to squeeze in some of those traditions that make Christmas special for our family.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, we met up with Daniel's mom and sisters for dinner at Germantown Cafe in East Nashville to celebrate his mom's birthday. It was freezing out, but Jack had fun walking up and down the street looking at the Christmas lights, first with Daniel, then with his Nana, and finally with Aunt Amy. 

Amy was only able to convince him to come back inside the restaurant with the promise of cake. We didn't have cake, but we did order a slice of Key Lime Pie for Regina. The pie turned out to be a good substitute for Jack. I think he ate more than half of the pie slice that we got to share!

On Christmas Eve we gathered with Daniel's extended family for brunch and visiting. Jack was spoiled with several gr…