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Cooking with Pinterest.8

Below are recaps of the new recipes I tried in the last couple of weeks:

Pork and Snap Pea Kebabs with Ginger-Hoisin Glazevia Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart recipes can sometimes be a little frou frou for my taste, but this was an excellent one. It cooked really quickly on the grill. Kabobs are becoming my go to meal for summer – there are so many combinations and it is easy to combine a meat and veggie. Jack wasn't a fan of the peas, but loved the meat and rice.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 4/5

Honey Porter Chicken Skewers with rice and green beans via The Beeroness

More kabobs. These were another hit. The flavor of the meat was smooth – the marinade smelled like beer, but the kabobs didn't taste like beer at all. We all gobbled these kabobs up. No complaints.

Parent Score 5/5 | Toddler Score 5/5

Beefy Nachos via The Wanderlust Kitchen
I browned some beef and used leftover black beans and rice for this dish. Creating a crust from crushed tortilla chips and butter really makes t…

Love Where You Live: East Brow Ride

I recently discovered Roots Rated and it is quite possibly my new favorite web site. Roots Rated gives great details about outdoor activities in select cities and Chattanooga happens to be one of the cities they cover.

Happily we have already discovered many of the activities and places on this site, but there are plenty of new places left for us to explore. 

One of the activities on Roots Rated that we had yet to discover was the Brow of Signal Mountain. It promised at least 7 miles (round trip) of amazing views.

We live about 2 miles from East Brow and decided it would be worth the ride from our house. 

The views definitely delivered. We have driven on this road before, but riding (or running) on it gives you more time to really soak it in.

We biked until we were almost at the W Road. Conveniently there was a grassy section on the right side with an amazing view of Chattanooga. 

The plot of land probably belonged to the people who owned the house across the street, but we took a…


Not much has been going on in my neck of the woods lately. We were really busy and then we weren't. Sometimes you just need a break.

It seems that summer camps in the Chattanooga area are a big deal. A really BIG deal. I haven't been able to totally sort out my feelings on this. 

I grew up going to church camp when I was in grade school (for one week each summer to Camp Omagh in Ontario). Then as a teenager I spent many summers attending Wilderness Trek (a backpacking trip in Colorado) with my youth group. I really loved those trips. 

Now I have a toddler and there is pressure to sign up for summer camps. I just don't know. Won't he have as much fun hanging out with me at the pool or Y or whatever Daniel and I decide to do with him on the weekends? Is the summer camp thing really necessary?

Anyways, that is where my head is. I have this belief that if Daniel or I didn't need or do it as kids, then it isn't really a necessity. Just my thoughts right now. Maybe I'…

Dinner, a Movie, and a Project

We had another busy weekend for the books. Recently Daniel's sister, Amy, offered to come hang out with Jack for a weekend so that Daniel and I could have some time for ourselves. As parents this is not the kind of offer you pass up.

So Amy came down Saturday, bringing Jack's Nana and Great Grandmother with her. It worked out that Jack took an early nap and woke up shortly after everyone arrived. 

After lunch together, Amy and Nana took Jack to the Discovery Museum while Daniel and I spent the afternoon figuring out where we wanted to hang artwork and getting most of the downstairs art on the walls. 

It feels so good to have that project (mostly) completed. There is something about stuff on the walls that makes a house really feel like home.

Saturday night Daniel and I left Jack in the capable hands of family and went out for dinner and a movie. It seems like we do this about twice a year, so it was a special treat.

Unfortunately the timing for a nice sit down dinn…