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Preschool Halloween Party

From my childhood, I only remember dressing up for Halloween on the actual evening and walking around my neighborhood in a homemade costume to get candy. 

As a still fairly new mom, I am discovering that this appears to no longer be the norm. At least we get a lot of use out of the costume!

Last Saturday we met with friends to visit a nursing home and bring a little joy to the residents. Then yesterday Jack's preschool class had their class party.

The parents (typically the moms) are supposed to sign up to host one of the school parties during the year. I signed up for Halloween to get it out of the way.

I had no idea what exactly to expect. I didn't want to go overboard, but wanted to make some fun goodies. I resorted to a goodie bag idea I found on Pinterest, then I drew faces on tangerines to look like mini jack-o-lanterns, and finally wrapped juice boxes to look like mummies.

A party for 2-3 year olds involves eating food, kids refusing to put on (or take off costumes…

Sharing the Halloween Spirit

Starting in the 7th grade, and continuing until I graduated from high school, I participated in a visitation program through my church's youth group. On Monday nights we would meet up at the church building as a group and then divide into smaller groups and go visit shut-ins and nursing home residents. Sometimes we would do chores for individuals, sometimes we would sing, but often we would just walk the halls and visit. We would shake hands, smile and talk with the people we met.

During this time of my life I was very much an introvert and sometimes these visits could be extremely uncomfortable, but overall I have very fond memories from these experiences.

Since high school I have only been back to nursing homes on a few occasions, typically around Christmas to sing carols, but it hasn't been something that has been a priority.

Recently our small group from church decided to take our kids to a local nursing home, dressed in their Halloween costumes, to hand out candy to the resi…

Old McDonald's Farm 2014

This year we continued our tradition of visiting a Pumpkin Patch on Columbus Day weekend. Daniel had to work on the actual holiday so we decided to try our luck and go to Old McDonald's Farm in Sale Creek (about 30 minutes north of Chattanooga) on Sunday.

This was a mistake.

Daniel and I hate crowds and a Sunday so close to Halloween proved to bring out the crowds. 

There were plenty of activities to do, but the lines were so long. If you have a toddler, you understand that lines and toddlers don't go together. So we had to do a lot of divide and conquer.
One of us would hold a spot in line, while the other wandered around with Jack. So much for getting good family photos!

First up, I stood in line for the petting zoo while Jack and Daniel went down the big slide in the barn. Jack really loved this and probably would have done it all day long.

After petting the animals, we moved on to a toddler-sized hay bale maze. 

Jack enjoyed jumping on and over the bales of hay. 

We then proce…