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Christmas Overview 2014

After ten solid days of visiting with various combinations of our families, the last of our company has left and we are returning to reality. Jack is missing his cousins and I know that the days to come will be an adjustment. I'm so thankful for the time we have been able to spend making memories and continuing our various traditions.

This post will be picture heavy with a brief overview of our visiting. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, we have certainly had a blessed one!

First up, we spent last Monday night and Tuesday with Daniel's mom and sister. Then Tuesday night we headed over to Daniel's dad's house for dinner. 

Christmas Eve was a quick trip to Nashville to spend with Daniel's mom, sisters and family. Jack got spoiled and ate up all of the attention. This is his last year as the only kid in the Moore family since we are having #2 in April and one of Daniel's cousins is expecting in March.

Christmas morning we had the luxury of sleeping in. I am…

Chattanooga Aquarium

Yesterday was Daniel's mom's birthday. As a part of her birthday celebration, she and Amy came to Chattanooga for a couple of days.

Jack had the privilege of hanging out with his Nana on Monday night and almost all day Tuesday, while Daniel and I got spoiled with an unexpected, and much needed, date night.

We spent most of yesterday exploring the Tennessee Aquarium together. Jack had a blast. 

If I had to guess, I would say his favorite things were the penguins, running down the ramp in the River Building, and laying down in a little cove that he called "his hammock" in the big aquarium.

I love introducing our little guy to new things and getting to see the wonder on his face with each new experience. 

Interestingly, the last time we visited the aquarium, I was 5 months pregnant with Jack. I am currently 5 months pregnant with Baby #2

After our time at the Aquarium, we ran across the street to eat lunch at The Blue Plate Diner. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch and Jack wa…