Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Isaac is Four Months Old

I am a day late in posting because we are at the beach. We are crossing off a major parenting milestone of taking a baby and preschooler on vacation. Vacationing with just Jack (and Sophie) has always been relatively easy. Vacationing with one more child in the mix may prove to be more trying. 

At four months old, Isaac weighs 19lbs, is 24.5 inches long and has a head circumference of 45.5cm. This puts him in the 100th+ percentile for weight and head size and about 50th percentile for length. So while he may not be tall, he is a big boy. Strangers that see him have told me they think he is at least 6 months.

I don’t know if Isaac will be a thumb sucker, but he has definitely found his thumb and fingers. He is more of a chewer. He won’t suck on a paci, but will chew it if we hold it for him. His hand seems to be of more interest to him though.

Along with his newfound discovery of his hands, he is grasping everything within reach. Including my hair (which is currently falling out by the handful – thank you hormones). He has several toys he will hang on to and really likes to play with his burp cloths. I have also caught him trying to grab food off of my plate if I happen to be holding him during dinner.

Isaac has become more awake over the course of the last month and enjoys swatting and kicking at the toys on his mobile. He still hasn’t rolled over, but can sit up assisted in my lap or a little chair we have for him. For having such a big head, he has very good head control.

Like his big brother, he is a happy spitter. I get spit up on constantly. Whenever this happens, I tend to jokingly (sarcastically?) say “Thank you for the present.” Jack is very confused by my statements of gratitude. I don’t know how to explain to my 3.5 year old that sometimes I joke to keep from crying.

Isaac has the sweetest little grin. Though often that grin proceeds a big spit up. While nursing, he will look up at me with his big blue eyes, grin really big and then upchuck. The other day Daniel was holding him and he grinned and I told Daniel he was about to spew. I'm not sure if Daniel believed me until Isaac proved me right and spit up everywhere. At least I am pretty in tune with when this will happen and can typically catch most of it with a burp cloth.

Over the course of the last month Isaac will snuggle up close to my face and give me a nice open-mouth kiss on the cheek. I'm not sure what his intent is, but it is pretty funny.

Our littlest guy has been babbling a ton over the last month. There are several times a day that he really gets going. One of the best parts of our day is when we put Jack to bed. As we read our bed time stories and sing songs and pray with Jack, Isaac talks up a storm. It is almost like he is trying to talk over us. The song "If You're Happy and You Know It" really gets him grinning as well as talking. It is such a sweet time to spend as a family every day.

Isaac is currently sleeping 6-8 hours at night. Right now he will (thankfully) go back to sleep after his 5:30am feeding so I am getting some rest. I still feel like a bit of a zombie in the mornings, but the longer stretches at night are a much needed change for me.

We continue to be enamored with our little guy. Our Pediatrician says we can start him on solids now... I'm not so sure. I think we will still hold out for the six month mark since he is growing so steadily from nursing.

*As with Jack, I will be posting monthly updates of Isaac on a quilt (inherited from my Grandma), next to a yellow Tonka truck (a toy from Daniel's childhood). 
Isaac at One Month  |  Isaac at Two Months
  |  Isaac at Three Months

A Look Back: 
Jack at One Month  |  Jack at Two Months  |  Jack at Three Months   |   Jack at Four Months
(We used a quilt from Daniel's family for the Jack photos, along wit the Tonka truck from Daniel's childhood).

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