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Baby Update: 33 Weeks

I am still hanging in there with this baby. This afternoon I had my weekly OB appointment and Baby Moore passed the biophysical profile with flying colors. However, my amniotic fluid level is back up to 24cm (it was down to 21cm last week, but like I said before, these measurements are not perfect).

I can definitely tell that the fluid increased again... This week was pretty miserable compared to last week. I constantly have to pee (especially at night – like every 5 minutes – sorry TMI) and continue to be generally uncomfortable. My Braxton Hicks have also picked up again this week. This made me very anxious the night of our big snow when all of the roads off the mountain were essentially shut down. I will feel much better when winter is officially over!

This morning I had a dental appointment. The dental hygienist was short and had the chair very low with my head slightly below my feet. This was not an ideal way to spend 20 minutes when I already have extra pressure on my lungs, not t…

Big Snow, 2015

We finally got a good snow this year – about 8" to be exact. The good thing about living where we live is that the snow is pretty, we can enjoy for a day or two, and then it disappears. I'm pretty sure the weather reports are calling for temps in the mid 50s next week.

The bad part about living where we live is that the roads don't always get treated in time. We live on top of a mountain and there are 3 main roads that access the top. Two of which regularly get shut down. 

Last night, Daniel left work in an effort to get home before dark, but he got caught on the main road at the front of the mountain. There was an accident at the top and what normally is a 6-10 minute drive up ended up taking 30+minutes. 

Thankfully he was in the first group of people trying to get up because we read reports that people were stuck for more than 3 hours and many eventually had to abandon their cars and walk up.

I'm not going to lie, I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contraction…

Snow/Ice Days

We, along with a good portion of the south, got a dose of frigid weather last week and snow again today. As a reminder not to complain too much, I only have to look as far as Facebook and my relatives in Canada who have had -40º Celsius temps! 

It's hard to complain about temps in the teens when I know people who are dealing with much, much colder temps. And while Niagara Falls has not completely frozen over, I have seen photo evidence from extended family of the partially frozen falls.

In our little corner of the south, schools were closed all of last week, but thankfully the Y was still open and we were able to go to town several times to expend some energy

While it was chilly, we didn't get much snow. Friday night we finally got a couple of inches, but by morning it was covered in a layer of ice. That didn't stop Daniel from taking Jack out on the sled. 

Then this morning we woke up to about an inch on the ground with more expected tomorrow. Compared to oth…

Baby Update: 32 Weeks, What's It Like to Have Polyhydramnios

I have had some questions about how I am feeling so I thought I would share what it has been like for me to experience Polyhydramnios with this pregnancy. If you have missed my previous posts, I have too much amniotic fluid in my uterus which makes my belly really big and it also causes early contractions (and possibly labor) because my body thinks it is further along than it is. For me it meant a hospital stay at almost-30 weeks to stop contractions.

Yesterday I had my follow up with the high-risk OB. Their ultrasound measurements showed the fluid is currently 21cm (which is below the risk). The measurements are a bit of an art project with different people getting different numbers (last week I was still measuring 25cm). The doctor I saw said they will continue to measure and assess me on a weekly basis for now. According to him, once I make it to 34 weeks, they would not try to prevent birth if I went into labor. He also mentioned wanting to induce me at 38 weeks. We shall see... my…

Chats with Jack ⎮ January-March, 2015

These are some of the memorable things Jack has said recently...

Jack really likes to talk on the phone. One of his favorite games is to pretend to call us on our rotary phone (it hangs on the wall, but is not hooked up). Since he is so interested in phones, we taught him how to call Daniel on my cell phone. We wanted him to be able to call someone in case something happened to me and it has been really useful for the days when Daniel is working long hours and Jack misses him. He can call Daniel and tell him about his day without my help. It's been a great tool for him and is especially good on the days he is feeling sad about not seeing his daddy.

Any time Jack gets in trouble, he asks, "Are you sad, mommy?" I always reassure him that I love him, but that his behavior made me sad. He also asks, "Are you happy, mommy?"

Do you want to watch my dance? (followed by a silly dance)
Do you want to hear my noise?(followed by obnoxious noise)

Jack: Why did I have to stop p…

Cabin Fever

Following the excitement of my 2 nights in the hospital, our entire little family came down with a stomach bug that has been going around. Jack and I lucked out with a 12 hour version while Daniel was out for a week. According to Daniel's doctor, our entire neighborhood was sick. On top of that I was supposed to rest for the week after my hospital stay and then we had the recent winter storm. All in all, I was basically stuck at our house for the last 11 days and starting to go a little stir crazy.

After the sign off from my doctor, I have been anxious to return to life as usual, while still taking it easy. So even though the trees were covered with ice and the temps were in the teens, Jack and I were determined to get out of the house (Jack specifically asked to go dig dinosaurs).

We started the day with pancakes (it's Pancake Day after all). Then made the trip to town so that I could work out. I have been missing my time at the Y – both the social and physical aspects. Note to…

Baby Update: 31 Weeks

Due to my increased risks with this pregnancy, I am going to be writing weekly updates for my benefit and for family and friends who want to know how things are going. I am incredibly grateful to have another week under my belt and that baby is sitting tight for now.

 Baby #2, 31 Weeks
To kick off this week, we all got a stomach bug (thankfully it only affected me for 12 hours). I just need to catch a break with this pregnancy! Yesterday I went to my post-hospital, follow-up visit with my OB and received some good news. My belly size (fundal height) and the amount of amniotic fluid in my belly have not increased in the last 7 days. This is encouraging since the last few visits have shown significant growth. My fundal height is currently 36cm and the amniotic fluid is 25cm. Both of these measurements keep me in the category of having Polyhydramnios but it is not progressing at this point.

Baby #2, 31 Week Ultrasound
As anyone who has googled symptoms of illnesses knows, the internet ca…