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Baby Update: 37 Weeks, Just Live Your Life

One of the things I like about my OB is that she advocates living your life to the best of your ability, regardless of what may be going on with your body. It was advice she gave me while I was waiting to miscarry and it is something she reminds me of when I express fears over the risks of this pregnancy.

As someone who likes to be in control, the reminder that I can't prevent things from happening any more than I can force things to happen, helps me with my day-to-day living.

 Baby #2, 37 Weeks
Comparison: 37 Weeks Pregnant with Jack
As far as my weekly appointment, things are still looking good. My amniotic fluid is back up to 25cm (which is back in the risk category). The ultrasound tech said that the fluid regenerates every 3 days and it seems like my fluid is just going to hover between 23cm and 27cm. Our baby is still head down, but has not dropped at all and I am dilated to 1cm (with Jack I never dilated until my water broke at 40 weeks). I am anxious to see how things progres…

Letting Go

Yesterday at the playground, Jack took a leap. Literally. Right off of a 4+foot play structure. I missed it the first time. Another mom and I were chatting and she said, "I think Jack just jumped off the play equipment." But she wasn't 100% sure. I looked over and thought aloud that he was normally cautious and must have just lowered himself.

We returned to our conversation and a few minutes passed when the other mom said, "He definitely just jumped." So I turned to fully watch and see what he would do. He proceeded to climb up the ladder, stand on the edge and fling himself at the ground. 

I wasn't really sure what my response should be. The ground is mulch and he could obviously make the jump, but the mom in me sees the potential disaster – a cracked head, a broken bone, or the like. I thought about the jumps I have made as I got older – first off of rocks and from trees, then eventually off of the roofs of houses and from cliffs and bridges into bodies of …

Chats with Jack ⎮ February-March, 2015

One of Jack's favorite games is riding his tricycle around to deliver mail to us. He says, "Special delivery! Here are your letters." And then hands us magnets in the shape of alphabet letters. Pretty sure he doesn't get that he is making a pun, but we think it is funny.

Me: Eat fast, we have to get ready for church. Jack: But that will make my tummy hurt.

Take my picture, Mommy!

What do you want [to order]? I'm the order guy [server].

Do tents have bathrooms?

Please may I have this sword? I'm going to cut you!

I love sharing chips!

Can we watch the monster [truck] video? I can drive monster trucks myself. When I grow up a little, I can be a monster truck driver guy.

Why did you call me honey? I'm Jack!

Hand me the remote please! I'm the remote control guy.

I love you much more.

Baby Update: 36 Weeks, Stil Cooking

In a strange coincidence, when I was pregnant with Jack my OB had foot surgery that required her to take 2 weeks of leave right at the end of my pregnancy. This time around (3.5 years later), she is on a 3 week leave for hip surgery. I am praying that Baby#2 stays put until she is back at the end of the month.

Baby #2, 36 Weeks
So far it seems likely that Baby#2 is going to sit tight for awhile longer as he/she still has not dropped and my cervix is closed tight. As of today, this baby is measuring 6 pounds 11 oz (same as what Jack was when he was born) and has a large head. With 4 weeks to go, I am a little anxious about how big this baby might get (measurements are give or take half a pound).

Comparison: 36 Weeks Pregnant with Jack
Some good news is that my amniotic fluid levels have dropped back to 23.5cm. That makes me happy. Last week was 27cm and I felt terrible.

While I was at the OB, they decided to monitor the baby's heart since I have had an uptick in Braxton Hicks …

Jack and Daniel's First Project Car

On Saturday night we headed over to Daniel's dad's house for supper. When we got there, Jack's Grandpa and Grandma had a surprise for him – a new-to-him Powerwheels car that the other grandkids had outgrown. Unfortunately the battery was dead.

This did not deter Jack from insisting that it could get charged, and when that didn't work, that his daddy could fix the "babbery."

So after dinner, we took the Powerwheels home. We had recently put the second carseat base in the Subaru, so the Powerwheels had to go in the roof basket – it was just the right size.

Sunday morning Jack woke up and had not forgotten about the car. He insisted they fix it as soon as we were all up.

To start, Jack and Daniel used a voltage meter to assess whether the battery was really dead before removing it from the vehicle. Daniel also spent time dreaming up ways he could make the car more powerful and faster. I believe he even mentioned the idea of adding better tires and even a wi…

Hiking While Pregnant: Green Gorge Trail

When I was pregnant with Jack, we hiked quite a bit: Walls of Jericho, Mount TomMount Washington, DeSoto State Park and Cloudland Canyon

Hiking during this pregnancy has been a bit more of a challenge due to winter weather, all of us being sick at various times and Daniel's crazy work schedule (he's been working 12-15 hour shifts with no days off).

Earlier this year we did a quick hike to Rainbow Lake and yesterday we embraced the sunshine and took Jack to Green Gorge Park behind our house. 

The last time we visited Green Gorge was a year ago and I was actually in the early stages of pregnancy before I miscarried. It's been a long year.

Anyways, it was a blessing to have Daniel home all weekend and the sunshine was calling our names, so we did a short 1-mile walk in the woods with Jack. 

I am so proud of our little guy, he walked until we were almost done.

He had a blast balancing on rocks at various cross water crossings, blazing his own trail, being the leader and…