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In This House...

Shortly after Jack was born, I was perusing Pinterest and got the idea for developing a family motto to hang on our wall. You have probably seen the concept: "In This House We..."

Daniel and I took this idea a step further and came up with a list of things that were specific to our family; then I put my graphic design experience to use and created a sign that hangs in our foyer where we can see it

Our motto incorporates our hobbies [we hike, camp and bike together], our core family expectations [we say I'm sorry, we forgive] and our faith [we love the Lord Our God, and we love others like ourselves].

As our boys grow, we are trying to make sure that we are raising them with this motto in mind, making the effort to follow through with the things we have clearly stated are important to us.

Lately we have been thinking a lot about our neighbors. We try to practice hospitality as much as possible – which can be hard with our busy schedule. In conjunction with t…

Me Time

Friday it rained and I was cooped up with the kids. Inside. All day long. 

Saturday was foggy with a light rain and I was itching to get out of the house. Daniel worked a long week at work, as usual, and had no desire to leave the house. So he told me to go do something by myself.

The things I wanted to do (hike, take a long bike ride, go to a local cave) are all things that are better with other people. But that was not to be.

Initially I felt like the only thing I could really go do by myself was go get our weekly groceries (not my idea of fun, though better when I do it alone).

So I gave all my boys kisses and headed down the mountain. I found myself headed for the NorthShore of Chattanooga to Milk & Honey for a latte. As I drove, I passed the entrance to Stringers Ridge and thought it might be nice to take a walk in the woods.

So, with latte in hand, I headed back to Stringers Ridge. I didn't have a lot of time since Isaac is on a 2-3 hour nursing schedule, but I had just enoug…

Weekly Meal Plan

I share a lot of pictures of meals on Instagram and Facebook (love me or hate me), and the reason I do this is to share the fantastic recipes that I have come across for meals; and also to encourage my friends who aren't meal planners or don't feel motivated to cook.

I have always been an avid meal planner (thanks mom!), and I rarely cook the same thing twice, so there is a lot to share.

Now that the weather is cooling down, I am grilling less but we are still enjoying delicious food. I try to shop the perimeter of the grocery store as much as possible (always with a list in hand so that I don't forget things) and that means a lot of our meals include seasonal produce.

This is what I served recently.

Grilled Maple BBQ Chicken with Corn on the Cob and Cornbread
The cornbread was a flop (it tasted delicious, but wouldn't cook through the center for some reason)
[recipe via A Dash of Sanity and Whole and Heavenly Oven]

Tuscan Tortellini Soup, garnished with cheddar cheese and c…

Fingerprints Are Everywhere

Kids say the darnedest thing and our Jack is no exception.

After church and preschool, he always tells us comical things [he doesn't realize they are comical].

He is sure that there is a Johnny Appleseed blessing AND a super heroes blessing.

He likes to sing: Read your bible, pray every day and you'll shrink, shrink, shrink [supposed to be grow, grow, grow].

And recently he told me that fingerprints were everywhere. I filled in the blank and asked if he meant that God's fingerprints were everywhere, and he agreed that I was right.

Sometimes his view of the world provides comic relief to our day – anyone else struggling with kid bedtimes lasting for-ev-er? But often I get reminders to slow down and look at the world around me. To see things as he sees them. Reminders that [God's] fingerprints really are everywhere.

It reminds me to breathe in the cooler autumn air as deeply as I can. To relish the last days of green shade from our trees before the colors start changing to bri…

Neigborhood Bike Ride

There will come a day when we spend some of our weekends (hopefully) riding single track in the woods or putting in the miles on the road with our boys, but that day is not today.
Today we went on a 1.5 mile ride around our neighborhood.
It was a first family bike ride for all four of us together; the first time Jack pedaled with both mommy and daddy riding along (he and Daniel have taking rides in the neighborhood before); and the first time Isaac was towed in the chariot.
For Daniel and I it was a slow (very slow) ride, but I'm glad we did it.
We happen to live in one of the flattest neighborhoods on Signal Mountain, but even our neighborhood is not flat. We are so proud of Jack for overcoming his trepidation on the downhill parts, and pushing through and pedaling the uphills. He only had to get off and walk once going up.
We are working on teaching Jack the rules of the road: staying to the right; staying away from cars; stopping at stop signs; paying attention to where you are ri…

Isaac is Five Months Old

Another month! Are we really almost to the half-year old point???

Our littlest man is really starting to get interactive and we all love it.

There is a lot of chattering and squealing coming from this little dude. He is discovering his voice and loves to use it. Especially in the evenings, like when we read to Jack at bedtime or try to watch TV.

Lately it sounds like he is saying "mama" but I don't think it's a real word yet. 

Isaac gives us the biggest smiles (a toothy grin with no teeth) and has big belly laughs that are so much fun. He is such a content and happy baby.

As for his physical appearance, he is getting more and more hair. Right now it looks blond with a hint of red... we shall see.

Isaac loves feeling different textures. He rubs his hand against the couch and wall and anything that feels different, including Sophie's fur.

Little guy has starting to attempt to roll his big self over (I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing he is around 22 pounds…