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Remembering Grandma

My grandma with her children and daughter-in-law, circa 1976.
For every loss I have experienced in my lifetime, it has come as a jolt. Like a car stopping suddenly. With Grandma it was different. She has been confined to a bed for the last three years and has been slowly fading.

Grandpa Moore, me, Grandma and Angela, 1986.
So while death is sad, there is a sense of relief that she has gone home to heaven. Home to loved ones that have gone on before her. Home to a place where she can walk again and do the things she loved the most, where she no longer has to wonder why she is confined to a bed. Some day we will meet her in that place.

Grandma holding Mark, 1986
This week, as we waited for the inevitable phone call, I have been thinking a lot about my Grandma. This sweet, little lady would have turned 95 in June and her life definitely had an impact on my own.

Grandma and Grandpa Moore, circa early 1990s
Before there was Pinterest, there was Grandma Moore...

Grandpa and Grandma visiting us in C…

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Our First Home Reno

One of the best things about keeping up a blog is that it becomes a history of us. The ups and downs. The accomplishments. The growth. 

This is my 10th year of keeping an account of our life together and it can be such a blessing to look back on where we've been as we also look ahead to where we are going.

Recently Daniel got curious about the first house we ever owned. He was not in Charlotte for the final weeks of getting a new roof, siding and windows, and he also missed out on the actual closing. So he has always felt he didn't get closure when we left Charlotte.

To quench his curiousity, he decided to google our old house to see if he could find photos of the siding updates. It's been 6 years and he was surprised to discover that it is currently on the market

We checked out the interior photos online and were pleasantly surprised to learn that very few changes had been made. All of the updates we had worked so hard on have withstood the test of time. 

Which makes us feel…

I'm Not a Runner

Sprint down.
Touch the line.
Sprint back.
Push harder
Repeat again.
Lungs burn from the effort.
Try not to collapse in a heap.

TRX Rows with a jump.
More sprints.
TRX Push-ups.
More sprints.
TRX Pull-ups.
More sprints.
TRX Tri-ceps.
More sprints.
TRX Bi-ceps.
More sprints.

A total of 30 sprints with everything I have, down and back.
300 sit-ups to finish.

So tired.
But in a good way.

That was the nature of today's 60-minute workout.
With each sprint, I raced Todd, our instructor.
Pushing to the limit of what I thought I could do.
And then giving a little more.
It took me back to my high school days.

Todd asked if I was a runner.
No. Just a mom who has lost her baby weight and feels extra light these days.
After class, Todd told me that I was easily one of the top 5 fastest people he has had in his TRX classes.
Those words will be motivation for days when I feel slow or want to stop.

It feels good to push.
It feels good to feel light – I lug around a 25+lb baby all day every day, so that hour by m…

Isaac is Ten Months Old

Today's effort in futility is brought to you by the number 10. At 10 months old, Isaac has absolutely zero tolerance for his mama's monthly picture taking. Every time I laid him down, it was a race to grab my camera and attempt a photo before he rolled over and sat up, or crawled away.

Isaac is our little giggle box who is doing his best to charm the world right now. By and large, I would say he is succeeding. It is hard to go anywhere without someone stopping to talk to him.

He is finally starting to experience a little separation anxiety. I have been waiting for this to happen. When I drop him off (at church, the Y, etc.) he has no problem whatsoever, but as soon as I come back and I am within sight of him, he starts fussing. Like his big brother, at this age, he is a mama's boy for sure.

Isaac is a big guy, but I realized that I am in denial about his actual size. On a whim I recently put him in an 18 month fleece suit and it fit. I pulled out my stored 18 month clothes an…