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Easter, 2016

Easter weekend was fairly low key for us this year. We kicked things off with a party at Jack's preschool. It was a rainy afternoon, so we had to do the Easter egg hunt inside. 

Thankfully the kids didn't seem to mind. We labeled eggs with numbers and had each child look for a specific number. Jack's number was 1, so he could only collect eggs with the number 1 on the outside. 

At our next egg hunt he wanted to know what number he would be looking for!

We sent the kids home with a bag of peeps that said "HE is risen, tell your peeps." I had fun throwing together a little design for that.

On Saturday, Daniel's mom and grandmother joined us for the day and we took Jack to his third local Easter Egg Hunt on our mountain (two years ago Jack experienced his first egg hunt, and last year I was on the verge of giving birth to Isaac).

This was Isaac's first Easter experience, but we opted to hang on to him instead of letting him hunt of eggs. Next year he will join i…


At age 35, I have come to accept that I have some issues when it comes to my hair. Namely I hate to get it cut. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable to go and have a stranger chat me up while they cut my hair. I don't know why, but I have been like this most of my adult life.

This translates to me getting haircuts about once a year. And since we seem to move fairly often, I always feel awkward knowing that I will probably only visit that hairdresser once.

Also, they always try to sell me on products, even though I am very clear about the fact that I am a low-maintenance gal. I don't color my hair. I don't style it. The best I do is put it in a pony tail or top bun. On a bad day, I wear a hat.

So, I always dread hair days. Always.

However, post baby I have been in major need of a cut. Around 3 months post partum I lost a ton of hair. It was falling out in clumps in the shower. For three months it took me an extra 15 minutes to shower so that I could pull out all of the loose ha…

Caving With Kids

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Florida (without Daniel) to spend some time with my sister and her family as a part of their spring break. 

With Jack in preschool only 3 days a week, we have some flexibility to enjoy longer weekends.

My brother came over from Nashville to make the drive down to Tallahassee with us.

The morning of the day we were supposed to leave, my sister texted to say that it was expected to rain all weekend. So our tentative plans for a beach day were nixed.

We proceeded with the trip, knowing that the kiddos wouldn't really care what we did, as long as they could play together.

Once we were in Florida, we enjoyed visiting, a few new restaurants, and the kids played as much as possible outside.

For our Saturday activity, my sister suggested we visit the Florida Caverns State Park and take a little tour of a cave. I thought that was a fun suggestion, so we packed a picnic and drove an hour to the park.

Since it was spring break in Florida, there were a ton of peo…

Isaac is Eleven Months Old

I have been feeling kind of emotional lately. My baby will be one in less than a month and it just feels like time is slipping by too quickly.  Daniel and I are big proponents of teaching independence (Jack has been getting dressed and coming downstairs by himself in the mornings since he was 3), but it is always a little sad when they stop needing you. Maybe it's because Isaac is most likely our last baby, but these moments feel so fleeting right now.  Like we will blink and that chubby baby our ours who shouts dada all the time, and grins with his whole face, will suddenly be a boy who doesn't need our hugs or kisses any more. I love each stage, it's just hard knowing we are on the brink of saying goodbye to babyhood forever.

As for Isaac, he is doing great. He took his time learning to crawl, but now that he can do it, there is no stopping him.  He has discovered that our house has more than one room and he loves to explore. I recently found him checking out our steps, curio…