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Outside 365 | May 2016

Summer break is officially here and we are going strong in our efforts to be outside. A friend recently asked if I planned to keep it up through the hot months of the summer, and the answer is: I hope so.

We were outside every day in the month of May. We picked strawberries, introduced Isaac topaddling, saw the end of T-Ball season, went camping, swam at the lake with friends, hiked, and enjoyed plain, old-fashioned fun at the park. 

Jack has made new friends, participated in pick-up baseball games in our neighborhood, helped Daniel wash our cars and do yard work, and had a fun Memorial Day weekend. The possibilities are endless.

At one of my very first jobs, I worked in the marketing department of an office supply vendor for the office supply box stores (Staples, OfficeMax, etc.) and the Vice President of the department was always wanting me to make the products (staplers, stamps, etc.) look "sexy." I would just roll my eyes, because really, office supplies are not inherently …

McCoy Farm Memorial Day Picnic

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend with a day hike in North Carolina on Saturday, a neighborhood BBQ on Sunday, and the second annual McCoy Farm Memorial Day picnic on Monday.

The picnic lasted from 11am-4pm and was free to the public, with the option to buy food from the Lion's Club and participate in a silent auction. 

We parked at the church across the street and were shuttled in a golf cart part of the way – we had our wagon with us, but the driver graciously let Daniel and I ride while pulling the wagon! The boys got a kick out of that.

At the event, we listened to live music, purchased hamburgers and pizza from the local Lion's Club, and let the boys play various games set up on the lawn. 

I think Jack's favorite things included getting his face painted, having his first taste of cotton candy, and checking out all of the fire engines.

The weather wasn't too hot yet and sitting the shade was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Isaac was a little young to really play…

Cherohala Skyway: Huckleberry Knob and Bald River Falls

Back in 2007, what feels like a lifetime ago, Daniel and I took a trip to western North Carolina where Daniel convinced me to bike part of the Cherohala Skyway

On that trip, we started on the NorthCarolina side at Hooper Cove, elevation 3,096 ft., and biked 9 miles straight up to Santeetlah, elevation 5,377 ft., before heading back down to our car. Did I mention it was my first experience road biking? Or that most of this bike ride was on a 9% grade?

Anyways, nine years later we decided to take our kids to hike a trail that is located on this same section of the Cherohala Skyway

As we drove up the hills and through the many turns, I was a bit shocked that we had actually biked up this road. We told Jack about our feat, but I'm not sure that he believed us... I'm not sure that I believe us! Thank goodness for pictures to prove we did it.

For this adventure, we decided to do a hike to the top of Huckleberry Knob. The bald can be accessed from the Huckleberry pull off, with a sta…

Isaac's First Haircut

We have been taking Jack to Pigtails and Crewcuts since we moved to Chattanooga. His first haircut experience was great, but subsequent ones were more of a challenge. But then we discovered P&C and Jack has loved every haircut since.

He calls it "his hair cutting place that has movies and bubbles."

For the last month or so we have been feeling the need to cut Isaac's hair. It was approaching baby mullet in the back and his bangs were constantly in his little eyes. But I couldn't bring myself to get it cut before his first birthday, so we put it off.

But this week we agreed that it was time. Daniel had a light work week so he was able to meet us at the haircut place.

We let Jack go first so that Isaac could observe and then our littlest guy took his turn.

The kids love that they get to pick a vehicle to ride in. Isaac was totally enamored with getting to drive his own fire engine and ring the bell. He only fussed a couple of times, but I think that had mor…

Isaac's First Camping Trip

At a little over 13 months old, we finally took Isaac on his first camping trip. We have been wanting to go for awhile (our last camping excursion being when I was still pregnant with Isaac), but Daniel's work schedule just hasn't been conducive to this type of outing.

Lucky for us, this entire month Daniel has had a more laid back schedule so we figured we better squeeze in a camping trip while the weather was still nice.

Our original plans included camping with friends, but when that fell through, we decided we needed to go anyway. Our challenges were that Friday night it was pouring cats and dogs and Saturday morning Jack had his last T Ball game. 

So we compromised and Daniel went to Chester Frost Park on his way home from work on Friday (in the rain) and secured a great camp site for both Friday and Saturday nights (we had to reserve Friday as well because the park operates on a first come, first serve basis).

Chester Frost is a park known to fill up quickly because most of t…