Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

Last night I received a call from my sister saying that my niece {Izzy} had perched herself in front of their blank computer screen and was saying "Hi" and "Pup Pup" and that if we were up to it, we should log on to Skype for a quick chat.

So I logged on and got comfortable on the couch. Sophie sat between me and Daniel and we pointed the camera at her. Then through the wonder of video chatting, we were able see Izzy say "Hi" over and over to us and try to hug Pup Pup via the screen.

Melt my heart. I am so glad Angela called to share that with us. Prior to skyping, Izzy had been going through photo albums. It is so sweet to know that she recognizes and remembers us. I guess it doesn't hurt that she loves puppies and we happen to have one!

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