Friday, November 10, 2006

Adventures at Sams

Daniel and I are probably the only people on the planet that go to Sams and walk out empty handed 98% of the time. However the other 2% of the time lends itself to some crazy adventures.

Our first adventure at Sams happened almost 2 years ago. We decided to buy our mattresses at Sams. I wasn't sure at first, but I heard somewhere that you should lay on a mattress for at least 15 min before you buy it. So we went to Sams, found the one we wanted and layed it down in the aisle where we proceeded to lay on it for 15 minutes. We had plenty of comments from other shoppers, but in the end we were happy and the price was good and so we strapped it to the top of our Pathfinder and drove home praying it wouldn't start raining. This was our tamest Sams experience.

Our second adventure at Sams happened last year right before Christmas. We were in desperate need of a piece of furniture to accommodate people for sitting and sleeping. We found a futon that we loved - which was surprising b/c normally I don't love futons, but this one has a thick mattress and Daniel & I actually agreed on how it looked and functioned. We had looked at it over the course of several weeks, but put off purchasing b/c we weren't quite ready to put it in our house. Well, with the holidays upon us and my family planning on coming to visit right after Christmas we decided to go ahead and buy. So we went to the Sams closest to our house. Up until this point there had been an excessive amount of these futons in the stores. Well, we got there and they had just sold their last futon. So we called another Sams in the area and they had 2 left. So we drove across town and by the time we got there they had sold both futons. Starting to get frustrated, we called the last Sams in Charlotte and tried to convince them to let us buy over the phone. This is against Sams policy. So we drove across town again, fighting Christmas traffic the entire way and were relieved to get there and find they had one futon left in stock. So we breathed a sigh of relief, paid for the thing and sat in Christmas traffic some more.

A few weeks later, we decided we were ready to buy a real, grown up bed. Up until this point, our mattresses had been on a metal frame, not a real bed. During Thanksgiving we had found the bed we liked, you guessed it at Sams. We had been in Murfreesboro at the time visiting family and we found a leather sleigh bed that we loved. Well at New Years when we were back in Mboro we went to Sams to buy it. Well, just our luck, they had not only sold out, but they had discontinued the product! We went home disappointed, but Daniel did some calling around (actually he called ALL of the Sams within a 300 mile radius of Charlotte) and finally found the bed in Asheville, NC. So we rented a uhaul trailer and got up bright and early one Saturday morning and drove to Asheville in time for the store to open. Thankfully it was still in stock and we were able to buy our bed - granted we had to spend over 3 hours driving to buy it.

Now to our most recent adventure with Sams. A few weeks ago we found a leather sofa set that we really loved. We decided that we both really liked it and the price was right. The problem is that we do not have a place for it. The good news was that we are planning to finish our floors in time for Thanksgiving and ideally we could buy the furniture the weekend before Thanksgiving. Earlier this week, we decided to go take one last look and to our disappointment, Sams had already sold out of the love seat. We figured a worst case scenario would be that we buy one couch and 2 chairs (no love seat). Well we must be morons or just forgetful b/c Daniel started calling all of the Sams today to locate a love seat only to find out that all 3 local stores had also sold out of chairs and only had one or 2 couches left. We decided we better jump on it. So Daniel went and rented a uhaul and went and bought the couch. The good news is that we got it for $200+ less than the original price. The other good news is that he discovered they had a chair and a love seat at the Hickory store. So in true Cheree & Daniel fashion, we are driving to Hickory tomorrow to buy the rest of our furniture. We would have gone tonight, but we discovered that uhaul gave us a trailer without working tail lights...

Somehow we always manage to get the stuff we want, it just takes a little extra effort. The lesson we should have learned by now is that if we find something at Sams that we really want, we need to follow the American Way and BUY IT NOW!

Friday, November 03, 2006

What do you need a 30 pack of drill bits, wax toilet bowl rings & 25 gallons of screws for?

This is the question Daniel posed as a riddle to the helpful Home Depot guy. After the HD guy scratched his head and couldn't come up with an answer, Daniel gave the answer to the riddle (my dad knows the answer)...

The screws are for screwing down the subfloor in our living room to prevent current and future squeeks before we install the new floor.

The drill bits are to pre-drill the holes for the screws. The floor is 20+ years old and the wood is extra hard and prone to break the drill bits (thus the 30 pack of drill bits).

The wax toilet bowl rings (this is the brilliant part from my dad) is to put the tips of the screws into to help them enter the floor in a quicker, smoother manner.

After the explanation, the HD guy scratched his head again and said that he had heard of screwing down floors but never of using a wax ring to help with the process.

You have now learned something that you probably did not know before - unless you are my dad...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Most Recent Embarrassing Moment

I take step aerobics. I have been doing step for about 3 years now so I should be adept at the class. Step aerobics involve a 6-12 inch high, 3 foot long, 1 foot wide step that you do a pattern of steps on and around.

Well in all of my great ability and gracefulness, last night at step class we were doing a more complex pattern of steps that involved stepping over and across the step and then turning around. I cannot adequately describe what happened, but basically my feet missed a step or two and I found myself laying on the ground on my back.

The instructor stopped instructing to ask me if I was ok. I promptly jumped back on my feet, gave her a thumbs up and finished the class.

The whole thing would not have been quite so embarrassing if it were a class full of strangers. However in this case, there is a girl from work that takes the class with me. After class I broke the ice and asked her if she had seen me fall and I made a wise crack about my clumsiness. Thankfully I do not hurt, but that could be coming...

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