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40 Years

I spent the morning flipping through old photo albums. There have been so many changes in the last 40 years and nothing makes those changes more evident than looking at the past. The snapshots I came across show a relatively happy family who have been on many adventures together.  

This past Sunday, my parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. I've been feeling a little guilty that we weren't all together to celebrate this milestone, but when your family is spread out it's not always possible to celebrate in person. But that doesn't mean that I am any less proud of them.

Forty years is hard to wrap my head around. Fifteen years ago my siblings and I threw our parents a 25th Anniversary party. It was our first such party and thankfully it was a success. Our family makes a big deal about the 25th, but really every year that people choose love and decide to stick it out is cause for celebration.

In their 40 years of marriage, my parents have lived in three count…

Summer 2016

We are a month into our summer vacation and for the most part we are keeping things low key. 

We are spending a significant amount of the time at the Y with friends, while also making an effort to do a fun weekly outing – typically involving getting wet.

We have gone to the lake and visited local pools, and Jack spends almost every evening at our neighborhood playground playing with friends before bedtime.

I am feeling less stressed out about water this summer, probably because Jack is more comfortable in the water and Isaac isn't that interested in it at the moment.

We spend a portion of every day playing at various parks, we have gone for ice cream with friends, and also spent time at the Creative Discovery Museum on days that are extra hot. 

Jack has also been attending his first day camp – and loving it.