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Daniel's Little Sister Gets Married

On Friday we drove to the Nashville area via Chattanooga (we were dropping off a car for a friend). This made our drive longer, but it was much prettier driving along the Nantahala and Ocoee Rivers on the way.

We made it to Woodbury, TN just in time for the rehearsal and then we all drove back to Murfreesboro for the rehearsal dinner. We spent the night at Daniel's Grandmother's on Friday night. She was up early on Saturday to finish prepping food for the wedding. We enjoyed breakfast with her, before we all got ourselves ready and headed for Woodbury.

The wedding was small, but very pretty. The best part was filling their car with balloons and decorating the windows.

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
I'll kiss you
Give you my…


This post is not what you think. There have been no accidents and no late night trips to the ER. Instead, Daniel spent the afternoon changing out the rear drum brakes and shoes on the Altima... it needed to be done before our back to back trips across the mountains (Nashville this weekend and Searcy next weekend).

The bleeding has to do with my part in the job. Once Daniel has the new brake parts installed, I get the glamorous job of sitting in the driver's seat and gently pushing the brake peddle in order to bleed out all of the old brake fluid.

Tomorrow morning will be an early one for us as we head to Nashville via Chattanooga. Some of our friends are moving to Chattanooga and we offered to drive their extra vehicle there.

Bike Log

You may be wondering how Daniel and I function with just one car between us. Here is an example of what happens when Daniel has to go in early to work AND he has an all day seminar in a different part of town.

5:30 a.m. Daniel bikes to work.
7:45 a.m. Cheree leaves the house to drive to LandDesign with a bike loaded on the bike rack.
8:15 a.m. Cheree picks up Daniel and we add his bike to the bike rack.
8:20 a.m. Daniel drops Cheree and bike off at Enventys then drives to University for his seminar.
3:00 p.m. Daniel drives home after his seminar (with his bike still locked to the bike rack).
6:00 p.m. Cheree leaves downtown and bikes the 10 miles home.

So that is how we do it...

Comments on today's ride:
It was extremely hot to be riding. The kind of hot where you can feel the heat radiating up off of the road. I almost got hit by a car - the driver was not paying attention. I made it home in exactly an hour - this is a new record for me.

High School Reunion

My 10 year high school reunion was this past weekend. It's still is hard to believe high school was that long ago. I decided not to go for a variety of reasons - distance, gas costs, just not feeling it. It is odd that I don't really feel bad for missing. It would have been nice to see people, but I don't feel terrible for not going. Maybe next time...

Biking Log

Here's a clear map:

Tonight was the first time that I biked home alone. Daniel had something come up and had to go home early. So my choices were to bike alone, ride the bus home or wait for him to come pick me up.

I have biked the route often enough with Daniel that I decided that it was something I could do alone. Thankfully I didn't get lost (the route is mostly through neighborhoods that wind their way through Charlotte).

In the hour that I had to ride I had a lot of time to think. I have come to the conclusion that I really love biking. I remember the when we first bought my bike and Daniel took me on my first real ride. To be honest, it was petrifying. The entire trail was gravel with steep hills that were tough to go up and had me scared-to-death coming down. I grasped the brakes the entire time and the gravel made me feel like I was going to crash at any moment.

Since then, I have biked coun…

Sunday Breakfast

My little brother had a layover in Charlotte this morning. He is on his way to be a counselor at Camp Ganderbrook in Maine for the summer. It worked out that we were able to go pick him up and take him out for breakfast at The Original Pancake House (one of my favorites). I am glad we were able to see him since he is missing our family reunion later this summer and it is unlikely that we will see him again before Christmas.

Everyday Edisons Season 2 Premiere

This is a note to brag on where I work. I think that I work at a pretty great place and I want to share that with all of my family and friends...

About tonight's premiere. I am glad that our internal premiere was low key and a not red carpet extravaganza. I like that I can show up in blue jeans and flip flops and enjoy good food with friends. Last year they did go to DC for the red carpet premier of season 1, but as far as I am concerned, it was nice for it to be here.

Anyways, after dinner we enjoyed watching a reel of the last 3 years of what Enventys has accomplished with this little PBS tv show. As someone who is a fairly recent addition to the company it is amazing to see a group of people genuinely like each other so much and generally enjoying working together. I have never had a job where I enjoyed showing up every day. I know it has its ups and downs, but it is hands down the best place I have ever worked.

After the reminiscent reel, we watched episode 5 that sh…

Would You Do It Again?

This is the question that Daniel just posed to me. Actually, the entirety of the question was, "You know, when we drove to Mark & Carolina's wedding in Mexico? Would you do it again?"

This led into a conversation about tiling our shower (which we are still in progress with). Well, we really had a interesting/fun experience driving to Durango, Mexico, but due to the length of time we took to drive there (72 hours round trip) we probably would not do it again (especially with gas prices where they are now).

We have come to the conclusion that tiling a shower pan and stall (mostly the pan) may be in this same category. While we are glad we are doing it, it has become such a time consuming hassle, that we probably wouldn't do it again.

Whenever we finish the bathroom, I will post pics of the entire process... don't hold your breath for it to be any time soon though. We have several weekends left of work and the last 2 weekends in June we will be gone…

Crazy Week

It seems like life always seems to be at one end of the pendulum or the other. In recent weeks I have had very little to work to do at work. But then this past week hit with a vengeance. Thankfully I prefer the craziness of having too much to do verses having little to do.

The week started with wrapping up the August issue of Inventors Digest. With the editor out of town, this made things tricky. I had some last minute craziness with Photoshop corrupting a good portion of my images as well as some other occurrences of Murphy's Law coming into play.

On top of that we have been preparing to pitch campaign ideas to March of Dimes (MOD) this coming Tuesday. As a group, this has meant extra meetings to hone in on the three best ideas and then more work to continue to tweak those ideas. The concepts are the MOD equivalent to the Red Dress Campaign for the American Heart Association... except our campaign revolves around awareness of what MOD is doing to make sure every baby…

Deal Of The Day

Last Friday, Daniel and I went to a local tile shop to pick up some materials we needed for our bathroom renovation project. While we were there, we checked out their selection of tile because we were still looking for the perfect 2x2 inch tile for our shower floor.

The sales person showed us their tiles and happened to mention that one type was actually on sale. We are always up for a bargain, so we took a look at the sale tile. Out of all of the tiles in the showroom, this particular tile was pretty much what we had been looking for. However, we wanted to take a sample home to make sure before we spent any money.

The sales person said they had about 100 square feet of the tile in stock and that we should have no problem coming by and picking up the 30 sq ft that we needed. We went home and sure enough it was the perfect tile.

So fast forward through the weekend to today. Today, during lunch, we ran out to the tile store again to make sure we got our tile - we were nervou…

Do you suck the heads?

We just got back from spending the afternoon at a crawfish boil. It was a lot of fun, although spending a Saturday afternoon outside when it feels like 100 degrees and eating Cajun-spiced crawfish had us all sweating profusely. Thankfully there were a lot of cold drinks to keep us cool (the hurricanes were especially good).

The big question of the day was whether or not to suck the heads. I personally have a hard time putting something that looks like an over-sized insect in my mouth, but Daniel tried it.

80 pounds of crawfish (crayfish, crawdaddies, mud bugs, whatever you wanna call them) were flown in live from New Orleans on Thursday. Then today, they were boiled in a massive pot, along with lots of cajun spices, potatoes, sausage, onions, garlic, mushrooms... the works.

I think that the 30 of us only managed to eat about a third of all of the food. So, do you suck the heads when eating crawfish?