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Snow Cream

This year winter pretty much bypassed our area of the country. In fact we were pretty certain that it was skipping us altogether – I think we had two light snows that left Jack disappointed that we wouldn't be going sledding.

The week before spring break, we were meeting with our small group when we had an unexpected snow. We were in town, off of our mountain, and thankful to being driving a four-wheel drive vehicle (though it wasn't needed). Jack was thrilled to see the white stuff floating down from the sky, and anticipated finally getting to sled.

Alas, the snow was a scant two inches, and though pretty, it was not worthy of pulling out the sleds.

We allowed the kid play briefly on our porch before sending them to bed. When we awoke, the ground had a light covering of snow, still not enough to go sledding, BUT just enough to scoop up and make a batch of Snow Cream.

I am pretty sure Snow Cream is a southern thing, I had never even heard of it before Daniel and I got married…
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Rainbow Lake Loop

We continue to fall more and more in love with our little mountain and all of the outdoor activities that are within minutes of our home. Each excursion is its own adventure as we see everything fresh through our children's eyes.

Last weekend we took advantage of the gorgeous spring weather –winter mostly skipped over us this year– and made our way to the Rainbow Lake trail head. I was prepared with food for a picnic and the kids were prepared with an abundance of energy.

 Jack and Daniel at top of bluff (neon green shirt).  They climbed up a chimney hidden in a crevice of the bluff that is in view.
Isaac and I at bottom of bluff (as viewed by Jack and Daniel).
We made our way down the trail, stopping to explore the bluffs at our leisure. Jack and Daniel climbed up a chimney in one of the bluffs, the same one they had done at Thanksgiving. Jack was proud of his accomplishment and some teenagers were clearly impressed.

On the other hand, Isaac was not happy to be left at the bott…

Waverunner Snorkel Safari

This will be my last post about my recent getaway to the Cayman Islands. I had to send off to get my photos developed from my disposable waterproof camera, and a week later I finally have them in hand. The coloring of the photos are a bit off, so they don't give a true idea of what it was like, just know that it was beautiful!

Our final excursion on for the weekend was the Waverunner Snorkel Safari with Red Sail Sports, located at The Westin on Seven Mile Beach in the Caymans. This was, by far, my favorite activity of the weekend. If you ever have the chance to combine waverunners and snorkeling, do it, you won't regret the experience!

When I was in high school, Kristalynne and I actually spent a lot of time at the lake with a group of friends from our church youth group. This was the time period that I learned how to water ski and also got comfortable on a waverunner. It's been well over 10 years since I have sat on a waverunner. 

But, like riding a bike, I don't thi…