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My Mom's 60th

Last year I attempted to surprise my parents by going home with my brother for my dad's 66th birthday. Unfortunately, my sister unknowingly spilled the beans and we arrived to happy, but not surprised parents.

This year my brother called me up to see if I wanted to go to our parents for my mom's 60th birthday. Initially my reaction was, "Umm, I just had a baby I'm not ready to travel yet."

But the more I thought about it, I decided it would be fun to surprise my parents (for real this time) and to be there to celebrate mom's 60th. It helped that both Jack and Isaac do well in the car.

On the drive to Arkansas, it took us 9 hours. This involved three stops (including picking up my brother in Nashville), driving through three intense thunderstorms and one construction site in West Memphis. Thankfully the boys were troopers. 

We arrived after my parents were in bed and somehow made it into the house without waking anyone up. The next morning Jack was up at 6am (unch…

Father's Day 2015

If you know us, you know that Daniel and I are not big celebrators. Of any holiday, really. We do relish experiences though. That, and spending time together. 

Daniel took Friday off of work so that he could spend some time with Jack. They started with a visit to Ace Hardware to pick up some hardware (Daniel) and get popcorn (Jack). Then they made their way to the Creative Discovery Museum to play with the Thomas the Train exhibit. Finally, they went to Signal Point for a picnic lunch – Jack was nice enough to share his snacks with Daniel. I hope Jack remembers the times his daddy takes to spend with him. Isaac will be ready for daddy days before we know it! 

We have started including Isaac in our bedtime routine with Jack. He really seems to enjoy it when we read books together and sing songs. He watches Jack with utter fascination and then Jack gives him a sweet hug goodnight before he gets tucked in. 

On Sunday, Daniel requested that we grill salmon for lunch. We invited his dad over …

Isaac is Two Months Old

When Jack was 8 weeks old we thought he was huge, weighing in at 12lbs 11oz. But he has nothing on Isaac. At 8 weeks Isaac weighs 14lbs 13oz! My milk must be seriously rich.

Looking back at Jack at two months, it is fascinating to see how similar Isaac is to his big brother... He grunts like a little piggy with each feeding (though he is improving in this area). 

He wakes like clockwork at 3am and 5am each night. He can hold his head up, though it still bobbles some. And he is starting to coo and grab things.

Isaac has learned to close his fingers and grab onto my hair. And he has become fascinated with the rattle – he doesn't hold it yet, but watches intently if we shake it.

We survived his first round of immunizations. He was pitiful the day of, but a little Tylenol and lots of cuddles made things better.

With Jack we made great efforts to take him out with us, but I think that with Isaac we make even more of an effort. 

This probably has to do with 1) the fact that we are more sur…