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Tennessee Wildfires

East Tennessee has been experiencing an incredibly bad drought this year. And with the lack of rain has come the unexpected challenge of wildfires. A few weeks ago our mountain had back-to-back fires that consumed over 1,000 acres and required an evacuation of one neighborhood.

Thankfully the fire was contained without damaging property or anyone getting hurt. For a two-week period fires burned on the mountains around us. Signal, Mowbray, Lookout and other surrounding mountains had fires blazing. At one point downtown Chattanooga had grass fires next to the interstate due to careless drivers throwing cigarette butts out the window.

(Chattanooga, image via WRCB)
You don't realize how big a deal this is until your city that is normally covered in a blanket of fog in the fall is suddenly covered in a blanket of smoke. Everyone was suffering from allergy-type symptoms from the smoke, and for two weeks it felt like you really couldn't get a deep breath of air.

Newfound G…

Rainbow Lake to Edwards Point

Shopping is one of those things that I do only out of necessity. Between Amazon delivering to our doorstep and Walmart Grocery Pick Up, I have been able to drastically reduce how often I visit an actual store.

The idea of Black Friday shopping makes me break into a cold sweat. I know not everyone is like me, but I'm thankful that my family is content to stay home, sleep in, and spend the afternoon together.

You know that our family loves to be outdoors, so if the weather cooperates (and sometimes even if it doesn't), you can find us outside. Holidays are no different.

So this past Black Friday, we opted to Opt Outside.

We made the plan to hike in the Rainbow Wilderness Area and if time permitted, we would take the Cumberland Trail all of the way to Edwards Point. This hike is right at 4 miles round trip, which we knew might be a stretch for Jack. So we hit the trail with an open mind.

Our last visit to Rainbow Lake was in January of 2015. I was 7 months pregnant with …

Thanksgiving 2016

This was our year to celebrate Thanksgiving with Daniel's family, so we made the drive to the Nashville area once we were up and moving.

We actually went to my brother's house first. He is currently car-less and therefore stuck at home for the holidays. We used this opportunity to see his brand new house and then bring him along with us to the Moore Thanksgiving meal.

Daniel's youngest sister, Emily, hosted our gathering this year. We arrived about half-an-hour before dinner was served, and our boys made themselves right at home.

Isaac still isn't saying a lot of words, but he excitedly pointed to Emily's dogs through the glass door and shouted "daw" over and over. I think the dogs were equally enamored.

The dogs snuck inside at one point and gave both Jack and Isaac big, wet kisses. Neither Jack nor Isaac liked this greeting, but they were good natured about it.

During dinner, Jack was trying to get out of eating all of the food on his plate. We enc…