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New Year's Eve Hike: Snooper's Rock (Outside 365 | December 2016)

We ended 2016 much like we started it: with a cold-weather hike. To celebrate the last day of the year we knew we wanted to be outside together, but we weren't sure if the weather would cooperate with us. 

With rain in the forecast, we knew we might have a small window. Add in a morning nap for Isaac and things weren't looking too promising.

Then instead of rain, we suddenly had unexpected snow. They were just little flurries and they were more like sleet, but we would take snow-like precipitation over rain any day. Rainy hikes when it is cold can be miserable, but snow/sleet has the possibility of being magical.

So our hike was a go. We got the boys dressed in warm layers and hustled them out the door with Sophie and snacks in tow as well. 

With rain still looming, we wanted something relatively short and I wanted views. So we headed to Snooper's Rock in a section of Prentice Cooper State Forest that is farther from our house. We have been to this view once before and I …

Christmas 2016

Since we have not lived in the same town as any of our family for our entire married life, 14 years ago we started alternating the years we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with each family.

That meant that this year we celebrated Thanksgiving at Daniel's little sister's house, and then hosted my family at our house for Christmas. Of course when it works out, we overlap some – my brother came to Thanksgiving with us since he lives in Nashville, and we met up with some of Daniel's fam the day after Christmas for our traditional-to-us Hibachi dinner.

In 14 years, this is our FIRST time to celebrate Christmas on the ACTUAL DAY with my entire family. My sister is a labor-and-delivery nurse who works nights, and between multiple moves she almost always has to work some part of Christmas. Since my family is spread across several states, it is rare that we are all together on the actual day, so this year was extra special in that regard.

Two nights before Christmas (Christmas Ad…