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Spring Break 2017: Gulf Specimen Aquarium and Alligator Point

Jack will often tell me that he wishes we lived closer to cousins, and while that would be nice, there are perks to getting to visit family in a different state. On these trips to visit family, we always spend as much time as possible visiting and playing, but we also make sure to do something fun.

On past visits we have gone to St. George Island to swim, taken an alligator boat tour at Wakulla Springs, visited the Tallahassee Jr. Museum, and gone spelunking at Florida Caverns State Park.

On this particular trip we had a jam-packed day planned for Saturday. Our initial plan was to visit the Gulf Specimen Aquarium in Panacea, Florida. We grabbed lunch at Momo's Pizza in Tallahassee before making the 30-minute drive to Panacea. I'll share a food post later, but the pizza slices at this place are gargantuan!!

At the aquarium there were quite a few touch tanks where the kids were able to touch and examine various sea creatures including all kinds of crabs, starfish, sand dollars,…

Spring Break 2017: Florida with Cousins

I have to say that I have been enjoying Facebook's "On This Day" feature. It turns out that our family life is pretty cyclical and we have consistent times throughout each year when we manage to visit my scattered family.

Mid-to-late March seems to be when we see my sister and her family. Facebook let us know that this is the weekend we were together last year and also a few years ago. Yay for quick snapshots of recent years.

The last five weeks have been a bit crazy in our household, we have been traveling non-stop: St. Augustine as a family, the Cayman Islands for a girl's weekend, Daniel going to Cleveland, Ohio for a week of training, and then the boys and I going to Tallahassee to kick off spring break. I think we are all ready for some time at home.

With all of our recent comings and goings, it made sense that this trip to visit cousins needed to be a long weekend instead of an entire week... I'm not sure I could have handled being gone that long.

I always…