Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Over vs. Under Prepared

Daniel and I, we possess some similar character traits but we also have some key differences. These are the things that make our relationship work, but can also make it challenging. That is the way it goes with everyone I suppose... if we spent our lives with carbon copies of ourselves we would never improve in areas we are lacking, and we would probably be bored, having no one to challenge us. 

Recently one of the Instagram accounts that I follow (CampmanStore) posted a photo with the caption: "Are you an over-packer or under-packer when backpacking?"

I commented that I was an under-packer married to an over-packer.

They responded with "So what you are saying is either your husband carries a really heavy pack or you sneak stuff out when he's not looking? Either way, sounds like an interesting dynamic."

And they are right, it is an interesting dynamic!

I went on to share a snippet of a time that Daniel and I simultaneously over and under packed: "A bit of both 😜 We have over-carried water when hiking to remote areas in Hawaii, while simultaneously forgetting eating utensils. I'll let you guess who was in charge of which. Let's just say a toothbrush can totally work as a spoon..."

Looking back at an old journal, I realized that on this trip, we had also forgotten our cooking fuel, a water bladder, camera, Daniel's glasses, and our camping permit! One mile into the hike, Daniel actually went back to retrieve everything but the eating utensils and camera (we were at our campsite before we discovered that those items were missing!). I'm going to blame the forgetfulness on jet lag, but looking back, it makes for a funny story!

Another time, we went backpacking in the Grayson Highlands in Virginia. While making plans, I checked the weather for Damascus (the closest town to where were headed), but I failed to account for the drop in temperature we would experience on top of Mt. Rogers. We spent the night in a trail hut and froze as the temperatures dipped. The next day we decided to hike back to our car because we were unprepared for the cold weather and rain that had rolled in over night. After that trip, Daniel joked that my planning privileges were revoked since I had provided bad information.

On a day hike to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, we got a late start in the day (due to early morning weather). When we reached the top, we were exhausted, the sun was setting and we agreed that I needed to take a shuttle down since I was four months pregnant. It was a difficult decision to make, but we hadn't accounted for our late start and the shuttle went to the opposite side of the mountain from where our car was parked. There was no way around it. Daniel was prepared with extra food and water, his phone, credit card and license. I did not have any of those things. So we split the food, he kept the water and gave me his phone and credit card (since he would have access to mine when he reached our car). It was one of the longest evenings of my life, while I waited for him to hike down the mountain, retrieve the car, and drive around the mountain to get me and our dog. As luck (or lack on planning) would have it, the car was almost out of gas when he got there, cell reception was spotty, and it took longer for him to get to me than we planned. Also, I saw a bear while I waited for him!

Over the years, I have improved in the planning/preparedness department, and Daniel has probably relaxed a teeny bit. It still drives me a little batty that packing for any trip takes forever with Daniel. But truth be told, if we need something, he will most likely have it. This applies to off the trail as well. I am a minimalist and he is a boy scout (always be prepared). Somehow it works.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My name is Isaac, I like to wear masks.

When Jack was about the age that Isaac is now, he liked to stand on things. Everything he could, really. Isaac likes to stand on things as well, but more than anything, he likes to wear masks. And helmets. And hats.

You're killing me, smalls!

As for standing/climbing on things, Isaac does that too...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chats with Jack ⎮ June-September, 2016

Jack: How come both of my grandpas don't work anymore?
Me: It's because they're retired.
Jack: Does that mean they're tired, if they're retired?
Me: Yes... Why do you think that they don't work anymore? Who told you?
Jack: I can't explain, it's just because the sensors in my brain told me.
Jack: Mommy, when is daddy going to retire?
Me: When he's a grandpa.

When I grow up, I'm going to get a wallet. 

Saw a man with a pirate's hat at Pops in the Park
Jack asked "Mommy, are pirates real? Is Captain Hook real?"

Daniel: Were you glad we went to the fireworks? 
Jack: I was not glad.
Daniel: Why not?
Jack: I thought they would shoot us. 
[his concern stemmed from this video of a dog that picked up a Roman candle and shot people with it accidentally]

Me: You need to eat everything on your plate to get a snack later. 
Jack (upset): Even the squash? I might not like the squash!

Daniel said: He's in the process of requesting that I hand him various tools. And chastising me for handling him a regular wrench rather than a ratcheting one.

Mommy, if you try new things you get better at them. 

When are we going to have a play date at his house? I'll talk to his mom about that. If she says yes, I can tell you how to get there. 
[in reference to wanting to visit a friend's house]

Mommy, I had two distinct dreams last night. I need to tell you about them...
In the first dream, I went into Isaac's room to tell him I was scared and a monster came out. I know monsters aren't real. In the second dream, the light wasn't working and I was scared. 

[While watching a baptism at church]: Will I need my floaties?

I'm going to be motorcycled up [he made a fort with his motorcycle blanket]. 

The very goodest driver ever is God. 

Mommy, I have an ankle ache. Did you know that is a stomach ache in my ankle?   

The batteries in my listening ears are about to die. 

That moment when Jack, Wyatt, and the gator are silent in the woods for a little too long, and they come out of the woods with 40 pounds of firewood loaded....

Does God sleep?
Is God naked?

God is inside us so when we go to heaven we will be inside ourselves. 

Scuba dive means to go underwater for a million years. With a really big tank. That's how we breathe. 

Tie-toos [what Jack calls temporary tattoos]

Is this the trophy of chocolate? 
[in regards to a Reese's peanut butter cup]

Jack: Mommy, are you still pregnant?
Me: No, buddy. [Discussion ensues about how different families have different numbers of kids.]
Me: How many kids do you think we should have in our family.
Jack: One hundred!

I asked Jack if he was strong after he opened a string cheese package. 
I'm the hulk was his answer.

Watching Nature Cat explore a cave so I told Jack that Daniel and I met exploring a cave. 
Jack: You mean you met in a cave and you decided to be together?

When I grow up, I might want to be a mechanic. 

This drive is exhausting. [talking about the drive to daddy's work at Watts Bar]

You're melting me smalls. (I always tell Isaac, "You're killing me smalls" and Jack has started saying variations of this. He almost never says it right!

Coming home from vacation, we crossed into New York State (via Niagara Falls). As we made the crossing, we told Jack that "Welcome to New York!" And he said, "Yay! New York City is where all of your dreams come true!"
We had just read a condense version of James and the Giant Peach to him. In the book, New York City is where all of your dreams come true.

Favorite part of whole vacation: Getting to snorkel with Uncle Mike..... twice.

Jack told Daniel that his bicycle has extra pegs so he can have a passenger ride. His imaginary friend rides with him and his friend's name is Dezy. Dezy is 20 years old Jack is 10 years old.

In a single week Jack received the following in the mail: a postcard from Uncle Mark, a photo and note from Mrs Lina for graduating from the 3s class at church and a letter from his new 4s preschool teacher
Jack's response: Why do people keep sending me letters?

Me: Go potty and then you can watch one show.
Jack: If I go potty again, after that, can I watch another show?
Me: Yes. One potty, one show. 
Jack: It's a pattern!
Me: If I say turn off the TV, then you obey because I'm the mommy. 
Jack: Then that will be the end of the pattern. 

This ice cream [from Clumpies] is Batman Good. That means it's super good. 

Daniel to me: Jack may need to audition for the John Boy and Billy show...  He's working on learning to use multiple pulleys in series.
Daniel to Jack: "Jack, are you doing any good?"
Jack: "Gooder than a fried pancake."

Talking about genies and three wishes, I asked Jack what his three wishes would be. 

  1. Rainbows inside our house. 
  2. Everyone to live close to our house. 
  3. A yard at our house for me to mow.
Awesomeness – Jack's word for anything he really likes.

Family Hike at Fiery Gizzard

On Saturday we had originally planned to go on a group hike on the Fiery Gizzard Trail , but it was cancelled at the last minutes. So...