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Over vs. Under Prepared

Daniel and I, we possess some similar character traits but we also have some key differences. These are the things that make our relationship work, but can also make it challenging. That is the way it goes with everyone I suppose... if we spent our lives with carbon copies of ourselves we would never improve in areas we are lacking, and we would probably be bored, having no one to challenge us. 

Recently one of the Instagram accounts that I follow (CampmanStore) posted a photo with the caption: "Are you an over-packer or under-packer when backpacking?"

I commented that I was an under-packer married to an over-packer.

They responded with "So what you are saying is either your husband carries a really heavy pack or you sneak stuff out when he's not looking? Either way, sounds like an interesting dynamic."

And they are right, it is an interesting dynamic!

I went on to share a snippet of a time that Daniel and I simultaneously over and under packed: "A bit of…

My name is Isaac, I like to wear masks.

When Jack was about the age that Isaac is now, he liked to stand on things. Everything he could, really. Isaac likes to stand on things as well, but more than anything, he likes to wear masks. And helmets. And hats.

You're killing me, smalls!

As for standing/climbing on things, Isaac does that too...

Chats with Jack ⎮ June-September, 2016

Jack: How come both of my grandpas don't work anymore?
Me: It's because they're retired.
Jack: Does that mean they're tired, if they're retired?
Me: Yes... Why do you think that they don't work anymore? Who told you?
Jack: I can't explain, it's just because the sensors in my brain told me.
Jack: Mommy, when is daddy going to retire?
Me: When he's a grandpa.

When I grow up, I'm going to get a wallet. 

Saw a man with a pirate's hat at Pops in the Park
Jack asked "Mommy, are pirates real? Is Captain Hook real?"

Daniel: Were you glad we went to the fireworks? 
Jack: I was not glad.
Daniel: Why not?
Jack: I thought they would shoot us.
[his concern stemmed from this video of a dog that picked up a Roman candle and shot people with it accidentally]

Me: You need to eat everything on your plate to get a snack later. 
Jack (upset): Even the squash? I might not like the squash!

Daniel said: