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Hidden Hills Farm Cow Milking Play Day

Ever since all of our company went home and Daniel returned to work, I have been making an effort to get out of the house with my boys. I have done this as a way to try to return to our normal daily routine for Jack, and so that I won't go completely stir crazy. While it isn't the easiest thing in the world to go places with two kids, it is much easier than I anticipated.

Earlier this week while checking Facebook, I saw that a friend was signed up to go to the Hidden Hills Farm Cow Milking Play Day and I thought it looked like fun. I asked her if it was open to the public and then I tentatively decided to take Jack and Isaac.

Friday morning we slept in until 9:40am (I am so glad I have good sleepers), but we needed to leave the house by 10am. Somehow I managed to get both boys up, dressed, fed and in the car by 10:10am. Miraculously, I even fed our dog and managed to make myself a cup of coffee to go.

And so we made our way to Ooltewah to the Hidden Hills Farm and Saddle Club to …

Off the Wall

Back in 2006 (I think that was the year) I had the unfortunate experience of forgetting to set the parking brake AND put our Pathfinder in gear when I got home from work. This happened not once but three times in a matter of months. Did I mention that our driveway at the time was a hill? The first time the Pathfinder rolled down the driveway and into our fence. The second time didn't do much damage to the pathfinder, but it did push the fence over. The third time the Pathfinder rolled down the driveway, over the now downed fence and into a tree. Daniel discovered the tree incident and was not very happy. He didn't let me live down the Pathfinder mishaps for YEARS.

As of two weeks ago, he can no longer give me a hard time about my "record" with cars (on a side note I have never had a wreck)...

On Daniel's first day to go back to work (after a 3-week paternity leave), I was woken up by Daniel anxiously asking if he could take my car for the day. Something…

Don't Feed Me

As I mentioned before, on Mothers' Day weekend we had a crowd of family here to celebrate the arrival of Isaac. It was quite a busy weekend and Jack was coming off of 3 busy weeks of having various family members here. I don't know if it was the sudden onset of spring allergies or the general lack of rest, but Jack came down with a serious cold on Friday. As the afternoon wore on I noticed that he looked more tired than usual and then I realized he also had a fever.

With the onset of the fever we decided that he would have to sleep in our bedroom instead of with his cousins and that we needed to try to implement some degree of quarantine – easier said than done. The best solution we had was to tell Jack he could only touch Isaac's feet and to not get near his face, and to not get too close to his cousins. Washing hands became mandatory as did coughing into his arm. We also tried to get him to rest, but that was an uphill battle.

Jack's fever broke shortly after we admini…

Isaac is One Month Old

Has a month already passed? It feels like little Isaac has always been with us. 

We (meaning me and Daniel) are slowly waking from the fog of having a newborn at our house again. Jack has taken the whole new baby thing in stride. He really loves his little brother – though he tells us it hurts his feelings when Isaac cries.

Isaac is our little chubby bunny. At one month he has already gained a whopping 4lbs above his birth weight! His pediatrician wants me to try to stretch out his feedings a bit. Right now he is 10lbs 15oz, 21.5 inches long and has a 40cm head – another big headed boy! 

He is a sweet little guy who loves sleeping and eating above anything else. He has a couple of times a day when he is wide awake and he loves to stare into the eyes of whoever is holding him. Alternately he likes to stare out the window at the trees. At one month old he will grasp your finger and hold on tightly if you give it to him.

Isaac rarely cries, though when he does you would think something catas…