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2012 Book 19: The Last Explorer

While reading The Last Explorer: Hubert Wilkins, Hero of the Great Age of Polar Exploration by Simon Nasht, it struck me that if you gravitate towards reading books on topics you love then I am a sucker for real-life adventure.

I found the historical account of Sir Hubert Wilkins to be fascinating. This man lived through so many near death experiences – from being on the front lines as a photographer during World War I to being in numerous plane crashes as a pioneer in aviation. He even walked out of the Arctic after a crash landing and was the first to lead a dive in a submarine under Arctic waters. He was also the first to fly over the North Pole from the USA to Europe. The Australian born man explored on behalf of the Australians, the British and the United States of America.

He was ahead of his time in how he viewed the need for exploration and the need to understand weather patterns. I really loved learning about this last great, private citizen who was the last explorer.

Excerpts …

Visiting with some of the Moore side of the family

Yesterday was the first day of many {two weeks to be exact} where we will be visiting with family or friends. 

It had been several months since he had seen Jack's Great Grandmother so we decided to make a quick day trip to see some of Daniel's family.

Jack is one loved little guy.

Unfortunately for Jack, he only slept a measly 60 minutes throughout the course of the day. We had hoped he would nap longer while we drove. Alas, that was not the case and we had to resort to distraction tactics to keep him happy. 

He hung in there though he did have some fussiness due to a lack of a good nap.

Milestone: Crawling

For the last couple of weeks, Jack has been toying with the idea of crawling. We discovered that if he was interested in something – namely something he wasn't supposed to have – he would make great efforts to get that thing. But he never really did more than scoot and pull and roll.
He then progressed to where he would shift himself from a sitting position into a crawling stance, with a look of great determination, and act like was going to crawl. This generally puttered out and ended with him laying his face on the ground in defeat or whining until we scooped him up or helped him attain the object of desire.
Yesterday, I sat him on a blanket to play while I folded some laundry from our drying rack. He moved himself into the crawling position and then resolutely crawled the two feet to the drying rack. Being the good mom that I am, I moved the drying rack further away and he proceeded to crawl to it. Then Daniel came inside and Jack finished crawling the rest of the way across the …

See Jack {June and early July 2012}

This is an ongoing series of videos that I am sharing so that our extended family can keep up with how Jack is growing and changing in these early years.

See Jack work on standing up. 
When being held, he likes to use you for a jungle gym. 
He is getting pretty proficient at pulling up to standing but he hasn't 
figured out how to use furniture to do it yet.
{early June}
See Jack interact with Sophie. 
Jack and Sophie are starting to develop a relationship. Jack always looks for Soph and he knows her name. You can say, "Where's Sophie?" and he will start looking around a room for her. She, in turn, will come over and intentionally sit by him and let him grab her fur (within reason).
{late June}
See Jack try to crawl.
This video is a couple of weeks old, but our little guy has proven that he can move. Currently he can move up to about 4 feet before he gets tired. It's a slow crawl, but he continues to make progress daily. Baby gates are high on our list because we have a f…

Catching My Breath

After weeks of life being set to go.go.go. work has finally slowed down for me. I am beginning to catch my breath. It's kind of been like running a long race. There are times you can't see straight and feel like you are going to keel over, but you keep pushing forward. You keep putting one step in front of the other and eventually you cross the finish line. When you finish, it takes a moment to breathe normally again and it may take a couple of days for your feet and body to stop aching.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to savor an afternoon snack of hot coffee and chocolate pie...  Jack had other ideas. Evidently naps are not for teething babies.
That is what this week has been like for me. Trying to return to a sense of normal without the constant motion of being busy with work. It's a good thing, but it's also been hard to adjust to. Learning to find and keep my life in balance is something that I have to work on continually. Life is always changing and I am doing my best t…

See Jack {late May/June 2012}

This is an ongoing series of videos that I am sharing so that our extended family can keep up with how Jack is growing and changing in these early years.

See Jack laugh with is his Daddy.
{late May}
See Jack help with the laundry.
{mid June}
See Jack take a break while playing.
{late June}

Saying Goodbye to Missionary Friends who are Cairns Bound

The Morriarty's: Zoe, Jason, Callum and Sheryl
Back in 2010, I wrote about how Daniel and I came about meeting our missionary friends, Jason and Sheryl Morriarty, in 2004; how we put them to work renovating our house in Charlotte during a weekend visit in 2006; and how {surprisingly} they came back to Charlotte in 2010 {a family of four} just as we were preparing to move. We didn't make them work on their second trip to Charlotte.
Two years have passed and a lot has changed. Daniel and I now have a baby and we live in another state. Meanwhile Jason, Sheryl and their two children are making preparations to leave for Cairns, Australia.
The Morriartys and the Moores I'm bummed that our only group shot was blurry and I didn't check for clarity :(
Before they left the country, we all wanted to get together for a visit. After all it may be a few years before we see them again. It turned out that the best way for us to see each other was to meet in Atlanta {approximately half-way…

Jack is Eight Months

These days Jack thinks that fake sneezes are incredibly funny but generally most loud noises make him cry. He also thinks it's very funny when his daddy rubs his soft beard on his cheek.

Jack has now gone through a screeching phase, a roaring phase, a buzzing lips phase, etc. He has also learned how to make a fish face. The first time I did it for him he look at me intently and I could see his mind trying to work out how I made my lips do what they were doing. The next day I spied him doing it. And now he will mimic us when we do it {though not every time... kiddo doesn't do too many things on demand}.

He has been making great efforts to talk. Lots of babbling going on in our home. Two back to back visits with friends with older kids probably encouraged this little spurt of "talking."

Efforts at crawling: He started out by sticking his butt in the air and his head on the ground... he must have felt more secure having 5 points of contact with the ground. He then progress…

Recaro: The Racecar-Inspired Convertible Car Seat

Once Jack turned 7 months old, we got in a hurry to find a replacement car seat for our infant carrier. For one thing we were no longer carrying Jack in the carrier {really since about 5 months, the carrier plus him have been too heavy to lug around}. For another, the friends whom we had borrowed the carrier from are having a baby at the end of July and we didn't want them to end up at the hospital without a car seat.
This post is actually written by my husband based on his research of convertible car seats -- it was originally an email written to a friend who was interested in his findings. It covers our top three choices and why we ended up going with the Recaro...
Convertible Car Seats... You've Got Questions,  I've Got Unscientific Opinions by Daniel Moore

So I did a lot of reading on safety during an accident; people's post-accident opinions of how their car seat did; ease and convenience of use; quality of materials; and most notably I spent several hour…

I would walk 500 miles (May/June Recap)

I am way behind on blogging. We have been keeping busy with summer stuff, but I have been swamped with work so updating my blog has been on the back burner.

Several weeks ago, I woke my family up at 7:00am {including my parents who were in town visiting for the weekend} so they could go watch me run another 5K. Lucky them :) I am thankful to have family who love me and are willing to give up weekend sleep to come watch a sport that is not really a spectator sport.

Run So They Can Crawl was a race {organized run in my case} held in Stevenson, Alabama as a part of Depot Days. It was in support of the Huntsville Hospital NICU and families who have experienced the loss of a child.

My race results:my gun time was 38:08 and my net {real} time was probably 37:48.  According the MapMyRun, the race was 3.26 miles long.

I continue to be a slow runner, but making the effort to run means that I am doing more than I if I were just sitting on the couch. I also have to admit that I am enjoying getting t…

See Jack {late May 2012}

This is an ongoing series of videos that I am sharing so that our extended family can keep up with how Jack is growing and changing in these early years.

See Jack drink. Jack tries his first sippy cup.
{late May}
See Jack eat. Jack's first experience with Baby Led Weaning and avocado.
{late May}
See Jack play. A gift bag is more fun than the gift.
{late May}