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Things I Read in August (#10-11)

I haven't been reading as much as I would like this year. I have several books downloaded on my Kindle, but reading on an eletronic device continues to lack the appeal of a tangible book.

Before we left for our vacation, I managed to run by the library and pick up two books from my "to read" list. The first was When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. The second was Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. Very different books, but both are worth reading. I will share my thoughts on Richard Louv's book tomorrow in my Outside 365 post.

I first heard of Paul Kalanithi's story on the blog A Cup of Jo. Paul was married to Jo's twin sister and the unexpected news of his brain tumor was gut wrenching. It was the beginning of 2014 and Paul had written an essay that had been published in TheNew York Times of what it was like to be a neurosurgeon diagnosed with a brain tumor. His essay was raw and personal. He was close to my age and the whole scenario had me weep…

National Parks: Point Park on Lookout Mountain

Did you get the chance to take advantage of free admission to a National Park over the weekend?

We did.

We happen to live about 15 minutes from Point Park – a National Military Park located on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga.

Point Park is a ten-acre memorial park that overlooks the Lookout Mountain Battlefield and the city of Chattanooga.

Once inside, a paved path circles the park with views of Chattanooga and the Tennessee River below.

In the center of the park is the New York Peace Memorial, which was erected by the state of New York as a tribute to peace and reconciliation between Union and Confederate veterans after the war.

At the actual point of the mountain, you can explore the Ochs Memorial Observatory.

We were able to pick out our mountain from the several vantage points on Point Park, which is fun to point out to Jack.

Also, from the point you can also choose to access several of the trails located on Lookout Mountain.

We had planned to do the hike from Lookout Point to

National Parks Centennial Celebration

Did you know that the National Parks are celebrating their 100th birthday this year? If you follow along on my blog you know that my family loves spending time in the outdoors and I am so grateful that 100 years ago politicians had the foresight to set aside areas of our country for our enjoyment and preservation for future generations.

I wrote more extensively about my love of National Parks back in May, and that love has not diminished. With each passing moment that I spend outside with my kids, my love for creation and the natural world grows.

This summer we have had the chance to swim, paddle, hike and bike in places both new and old. And some days, my kids just dig in the dirt, climb trees or swing as high as they can in an effort to touch the clouds. Big or small, we are immersing ourselves in the great outdoors every chance we get.

I just finished reading the book, Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv (I will write a review soon), and I am determined to make sure that my ki…

Start of Preschool 2016, Jack's 4s Class

Yesterday Jack started his last year of preschool. This mama was ready for him to go back, but I am also a little sad that this is his last year at preschool. We have been so blessed by the teachers and friends we have made here.

When I picked him up, I asked, "Did you have a good day?" 

And he said... "No."

Not what I was expecting. It turns out, he did have a great day, but he got a stomach ache at lunch. By the time I got him home, he had a low-grade fever. Poor guy.

Did I mention that I had walked to pick him up and he felt all puny. Thankfully a good family friend was able to take him home, while I jogged the half mile home with Isaac. Not exactly how we expected to kick off our school year.

Evidently strep is going around our little community. I had Jack checked today and it seems that he just had a fluke 24-hour bug. Tummy ache and fever.Check. He was negative for strep so he can resume school tomorrow.

The last few weeks have been hard. The week before our vacati…

Niagara Falls, 2016

Our last stop in Canada before heading home. #niagarafalls #1000miles #mohausroadtrip2016 #mohausfamilyvacation2016 #mohaus2016 A video posted by Cheree Moore (@mo_haus) on Aug 13, 2016 at 7:00am PDT
Ok, so I lied yesterday. This post will officially be my last vacation post. Niagara Falls gets its own category since it was on our way home after vacation was over and, well, it's Niagara Falls!

I have been visiting Niagara Falls since I was a little girl. It is kind of like Mecca for us, a pilgrimage of sorts, I suppose. We visit grandparents. We drive the 20-minutes to the Falls.

The only thing I can think to compare it to would be driving up to Newfound Gap if you are visiting Gatlinburg. The view beckons you, even if you have seen it many times before, you feel compelled to visit.

This was Jack's second visit to the Falls – on our last visit, it was freezing and we literally parked, ran out to the view, snapped a couple of photos, and ran back to our car. Teeth chattering a…

2016 Canadian Vacation: Good Eats

This will be my final vacation post. Besides spending our time biking, paddling and visiting with family, Jack spent a lot of time swimming (more specifically snorkeling) and of course no vacation would be complete without checking out the best local restaurants.

On every trip, my favorite thing to do is find the best breakfast joints. So on our first day in Orillia, that is what we did. First up was Friend's Diner (ranked #6 on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Orillia) and it was my favorite breakfast place on this trip. Located in an old shopping center, it isn't much to look at, but man was it good!

Coffee comes with your meal and the huge plates of food satisfied all of us – even our growing boys! We arrived in the nick of time, because shortly after we were seated, the place filled up and had a 30-minute wait. The food was delicious, and served quickly. Jack's favorite part was the phone booth outside... Evidently these are still a thing in Canada. He …