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2015 Vacation: Breakfast at the Beach

This year we decided to take a little tour of some of the top breakfast joints in the area close to our condo in Laguna Beach. I love a good breakfast – especially at a local dive – so we hit up the best places we could find as listed by Trip Adviser and Zomato (formally UrbanSpoon).

DONUT HOLE  (image via)
First up was Donut Hole in Rosemary Beach. We loved Donut Hole in Destin, but I think we liked this new Donut Hole better. Probably because it was a much bigger restaurant and we had absolutely zero wait.

We actually almost didn't find the restaurant as it is so new that our GPS could not find it. It's not the same diner atmosphere as the Destin location, but it was still delicious food. Outside the restaurant were game areas including ping pong and a Donut Hole game (basically Corn Hole) so that you would have something to do if there was a wait.

I had a Seafood Omelet (which was fantastic), while Jack discovered the little jelly packets on the table and insisted on toast and p…

2015 Vacation: Laguna Beach

We recently returned from a short, but much needed family vacation. Vacations never seem to be long enough, do they?

In true Moore fashion, we waited until the last minute to book our vacation rental (more on that in a future post). You know you need a vacation when you book (the night before your trip) for the WRONG WEEK. 

Thankfully the rental people were accommodating and refunded us all of our money AND we found a new rental location in Laguna Beach outside of Panama City Beach.

Anyways, we started our trip off on the wrong foot. Besides the mishap with booking the wrong dates, we were all tired, I had a migraine and Jack was exhibiting some threenager tendencies. 

To top it off, what should normally be a six-hour drive took us TEN hours. To be fair we did make a quick stop at IKEA in Atlanta, but the extra hours in the car took their toll on all of us.

Upon arriving at our rental we unloaded our stuff and went straight to bed. 

The next morning Jack was up early so Daniel took him on a…