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Mother's Day Mountain Biking Excursion

Mother's Day means that I get to pick what we do and where we eat. So even though Jack was voting for Wendy's for lunch, I opted to try The Daily Ration. The promise of pancakes was a good persuader and Jack was on board with forgoing Wendy's.

We were pleasantly surprised to get right in at the restaurant, and even though it took a little while to get our food, it was worth the wait. Though a photo at the restaurant with my boys was not going to happen (someone was hungry and needed a nap!).

After our fill of delicious food, we headed home to grab our bikes and hit the trails for a little family adventure. On the drive home, Isaac had a little cat nap and Daniel had time to take Jack to get me flowers and make me a sweet gift.

Once our bikes were loaded on the car, we made our way to Stringer's Ridge for some mountain bike action. We have been wanting to take Jack to try out the Pump Track there and if we felt like he was able, we thought we would try one of the short…

Books Read #11-16 ⎮ Arpil 2017

The month of April was another good month for reading, not only for myself but also our kids. We have been adding library visits as part of our monthly activities. Jack loves picking out new books for himself, some chapter books and a lot of picture books. We read every night at bed, but also during the day. Isaac is getting in on the reading action as well. He brings me picture books all day long to read. He insists on two at a time – one for him to hold while I read the other aloud, and then we switch.

The best book I read this month was Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That's Transforming Education by Ken Robinson. I wrote more extensively about it in my recent blog post about our plans to homeschool. If you are interested in the directions of schools in our country (regardless of how your child is being educated), this book is worth reading.

I gave it a 5/5 on Goodreads.

One of my favorite blogs is We Are THAT Family by Kristen Welch. I enjoy her style of writing, …