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Touring the World War II USS LST-325

On Friday we had the opportunity to tour the USS LST-325 at Ross's Landing in downtown Chattanooga. It is the last functioning Landing Ship Tank (LST) left in the world.

According to, LSTs are U.S. Navy ships that were designed for World War II in an effort to deliver battle-ready tanks, vehicles, soldiers and supplies directly onto enemy beaches. 

My dad told me that these types of ships were often used around Papua New Guinea to move bulldozers to different sites around the island.

Another interesting fact is that these ships can hold enough diesel fuel to travel around the world 1.5 times without refueling. Click here to read more facts about the ship.

To enter the ship, we walked in through the open door that would be used for loading tanks or trucks. We then made our way up through the decks of the ship. 

Seeing where the sailors would have slept, ate and worked.

There was even a jeep from the TV show M.A.S.H. on display.

As we made our way through the tour, we realize…

Chats with Jack⎮ August, 2014

Jack's little personality continues to blossom with each passing month. We are learning more about his stubborn side, his joy in fixing things and an inkling that we must be teaching him right thanks to his positive notes home from preschool.

Now that Jack is potty trained, there are days that accidents are frustrating to me. Typically because he gets distracted from playing. Then there is the time he took care of business himself and thought it would be helpful to put all of his clean underwear in the toilet – to wash. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I took a picture instead.

Jack is really starting to get into imaginative play and enjoys dressing up – especially if it involves toy guns. He recently brought a notebook and a pen over to me and asked what I wanted to eat for dinner. He proceeded to role play being a server at a restaurant. 

Things of note in the month of August included a road trip to Arkansas, starting preschool and a canoe trip to the Bat Cave.

Right no…

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It is so fun that Jack is talking so much these days. I can whisper in his ear and he will do things like tell Daniel, "Happy Birthday Daddy!" We are working on learning the tune to the Happy Birthday song, but we aren't quite there yet.

In the past Daniel and I haven't really celebrated our birthdays in a traditional way (we never do cake or presents). This year Jack really wanted to have a cake, 3 balloons and 3 candles. He was very adamant about the number of balloons and candles. Too bad Daniel is 34 for this year instead of 33.

On Daniel's actual birthday, we celebrated by having lunch at the Olive Bean Cafe on Signal Mountain. Daniel had an open face roast chicken sandwich while I tried the chorizo and potato frittata. Jack had a ham and cheese sandwich with a smoothie. All of it was on the lighter side, but delicious.

As an added bonus, we saw a woman riding a horse down James Blvd. while we enjoyed our lunch on the patio.

Friday night we celebrated by goi…