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Thursday Things: 10 Products We Regularly Used for Jack (3-6 Months)

About the time Jack turned 3 months, I wrote a post outlining our top 3 things we needed for an infant. Basically our little guy needed a place in our room to sleep, warm clothes to wear, cloth diapers, a good carseat and mama's milk to thrive {ironically I don't think I included any of those things in my original list}.
As a follow up, here are the top items we used for Jack during the 3-6 month phase of his life on planet Earth.
1. Crib – we moved him to his crib around 4 months. We were thrilled to be able to get a good, modern crib at a steal of a price from IKEA {we chose the SUNDVIK and painted and stenciled the ends}.

2. Bibs/Burp Cloths – our little one spit up A LOT for the first 6 months of his life. Bibs were a life saver once I started using them regularly. Our favorites were the Just One You by Carter's cloth bibs with a snap {instead of velcro} from Target.

3. Play Gym – Jack loves the mobile on his play mat/gym. He especially loved it once he could grab the litt…

Whole Wheat Honey Banana Muffins/Bread

First off, I hate that I forgot to take a photo of these muffins. I made them for our class at church a couple of weeks ago and somewhere between baking and getting out the door on time, I just forgot. Plus it might have been weird to be taking a picture of my baked goods at the church building.

*If I had taken pics, it might have looked a little like this. This was Peanut Butter Banana Bread I made last year.
Anywho... I found the original recipe from New Nostalgia via Pinterest and as I started making it, I decided it might be a hair too healthy for a group of people I am still getting to know. Plus I know that Daniel likes it any time chocolate is involved in his breakfast and I figured other people might like the additions as well.
So here is my modified {slightly less healthy but-so-yummy} version of Whole Wheat Honey Banana Muffins/Bread
Ingredients 2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup white flour {I ran out of wheat – so the white flour made up the difference. If you want, use 3 1/2 …

Father's Day

This post is a little late. But that is my life right now. Getting things done when I have time... and that is ok.

Daniel and I are not big celebrators, so we didn't do a whole lot for Father's Day beyond grabbing a bite to eat at Cantina Laredo and popping into Barnes&Noble so that Daniel could spend time perusing his favorite magazines. 

I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are feeling more and more blessed by our little guy with each passing day. We have enjoyed close to 10 years of marriage, but Jack has just made everything that much sweeter.

Becoming parents also makes life harder. There is this huge responsibility to shoulder. A responsibility that you really can't be prepared for regardless of how long you choose to wait. 

I am so thankful that Daniel is my partner in this thing called parenthood. He really loves our little boy. You can see it when he bathes Jack, when he changes diapers, when he blows raspberries on Jack's bare skin and when he e…

Thursday Things (Things I Have Learned From My Dad)

Things I Have Learned From My Dad
1. A love of learning. My dad is a walking encyclopedia. I think I get my desire to know as much as I can from him.

2. If you are able to help someone less fortunate than you, do it. No questions. No strings attached. 
3. How to garden. If I ever get around to growing my own garden, my dad will be the first person I go to for advice.
4. Why Jack's diapers smell like buttered popcorn... butyric acid.
5. My knack for coming up with a million and one ideas {that may or may not work out}. I suppose this is more inherited than learned.
6. How a woman should be treated. My dad isn't perfect but he has always set a good example for me by how he has treated my mom. He does the sweetest things like picking her flowers or bringing home a bag of chocolates just because {well maybe they are for him, but you get the picture}.
7. Passion. My dad is a very passionate man when it comes to things he believes strongly in. He has been known to draw a line in t…

Jack is Seven Months

Jack discovered screeching at the beginning of the month. Initially I thought something must be wrong with him, but I think it was just a new way he learned to communicate. Thankfully this phase only lasted a week. As a friend of mine told me: he is singing and this is the song that God gave him for right now.

By the end of the month Jack had discovered growling, roaring and saying "Argggghh" like a pirate. He especially enjoyed doing this with his Grandpa Voyles. He also started scrunching up his face and squinting his eyes when he doesn't like something. Though he also does this when he wants something and occasionally when he thinks something is really funny. This little face is quite comical and it is hard not to laugh when he does it.

Jack has been sleeping through the nights for several weeks now. Consistently 9-11 hours. It is awesome {for me}. Our biggest issue with this was finding a cloth diaper that doesn't leak during this longer time period. We finally gav…

My Little Pony Birthday Party

My sister loves to create big birthday celebrations for her kids. For her daughter's second birthday it was an over-the-top Finding Nemo party that my niece adored. This year, Izzy is really into My Little Ponies and horses and was set on that theme.

Aunt Cheree came to the rescue with designing the invites, while my sister outdid herself {as expected} with a rainbow cake and lots of fun decorations and fabulous food.

She even persuaded our dad to get in on the action and do a little face painting for the guests.

Izzy loved it all. That girl loves a good party.

And she is always up for cake. I think she even managed to get her face in her rainbow cake icing at one point!Happy Third Birthday Izzy bug!

2012 Book 18: The Girl Who Came Home

The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor is a novel about the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Specifically it is a fictionalized account of 14 passengers traveling from a rural village in Ireland to start a new life in America. In real life, there were 14 passengers from a village in Ireland that accounted for the greatest loss of life from one place.

This novel follows the trend of many current novels by swapping back and forth between the past and present. This account is told through the voice of one of two survivors from Ireland, 17-year old Maggie Murphy. As Maggie comes to the end of her life, she finally shares her tragic experience with her great granddaughter, Grace. This telling includes a love story that has a happy ending but Maggie's life, though happy and full of love, has been a difficult one in that she has had to bear the burden as to why she survived when so many of her loved ones perished.

This book does an excellent job of describing the Titanic and what it must ha…