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Halloween 2016

October was a busy month for the Moore family and the last weekend of the month about did us in. I'm still getting my bearings!

Jack dressed up as Spider-Man for his preschool party. He was pumped because his best friend from preschool was also Spider-Man.

Saturday night we went to a neighborhood party. The kids were supposed to wear costumes, but it was just too hot. Jack settled for his fireman jacket and helmet, paired with shorts and boots. Isaac wore Jack's Ninja Turtle helmet and TMNT t-shirt.

Sunday we had Friends and Family Day at our church. No costumes for this event, but we did enjoy sweating on the annual hayride (more on Friends and Family Day in a separate post).

Halloween fell on a Monday this year. The whole month of October had record highs for this area of the country. We had a scheduled dentist appointment that afternoon and we all had on shorts and sandals!

That evening, we met up with friends for what has become our annual trick-or-treating experience. Th…

Family Camping at High Falls State Park

This past weekend, my siblings and our families met up at High Falls State Park in Georgia for a little family camping. 

This must be a good weekend for a family get together, because four years ago we had met in Ellijay, Georgia for a weekend in the mountains. Levi and Jack were about 1.5 (Isaac's current age) and Izzy was almost four (close to the big boy's age now). 

So much has changed in the last four years! Our only regret is that our parents don't live closer.

The older three cousins are the perfect age for camping and our campground was perfect for our needs. We had water and electricity, and our site was large and wooded with trails that led to a small river. 

The kids loved riding their bikes in the woods and exploring on their own. We had a strict rule that they couldn't go down to the water without us and that they needed to have eyes on the our tents at all times.

We were also next to a small, dry ravine that the kids explored on their own. The weather i…

Making History: First new nuclear generating plant in the twenty-first century

For three long years, Daniel devoted most of his time to working as part of the Watts Bar Unit 2 Start Up team. This group of people worked long hours, for years on end, to help bring Unit 2 online. 

Tonight we celebrated that all of the testing is complete, and that Unit 2 is now operating commercially. 

Everyone in the room (spouses included) have sacrificed so much to get to this point. They are a special group, the first in the USA to do this in twenty years. It was good to hear their stories, and also to talk with the spouses about the difficulties we all faced in having a spouse work such long hours for years on end

Only the people who have lived through a nuclear unit start up (or been married to someone who has) can truly understand what it is like. I'm proud of Daniel and all of his co-workers. 

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm thankful he has moved on to a Dam job, but I'm proud of him for being a part of this project until the end.


Pumpkin Carving 2016

Where we live it still doesn't feel like fall (we are wearing shorts most afternoons), but the leaves have finally started to change to brilliant shades of orange, yellow and red. Its one of my favorite times of the year.

Daniel and I have been married for almost 14 years, and in all of that time we have only carved one pumpkin together. We have always bought a pumpkin, and have actually gone to a pumpkin patch every year since having kids, but we haven't made the effort to carve said pumpkins.

To be fair, Daniel hasn't had a lot of time during the last two years to do extra projects like pumpkin carving. He has been at his new job for about a month, and we count our blessings daily now that he has more time to devote to family.

Before kids (and crazy job commitments), I guess we were just lazy in the decorating department. There were several years where we turned off our house lights and hid in our basement on Halloween night.

But that has changed. We are committed to ho…