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Top 10 List from 2011

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year!  We are looking forward to 2012.

Our Top 10 List from 2011... 10. Learning to snowboard at age 30 is much harder than learning to snowboard at age six.

9. Sophie does not like bears. At all. Neither does Cheree.

8. There’s no reason to limit vacation souvenirs to overpriced T-shirts. Canoes make much better souvenirs, and it’s cheaper than renting one for a week.

7. That full moon causing labor stuff may actually be valid (or was it the morning’s kickboxing session, or the afternoon hike?)

6.  Packing your bags in advance for the hospital is overrated for your first child. You’ll have time after your water breaks - while your husband is finishing up grilling the steaks - before you head to the hospital.

5. Five minutes of cuddling with a sleeping baby can erase five hours of memories of his fussiness.

4. Vibrating bouncers for babies are magical.

3. Living close to two time zones means it takes two hours to get to Chatt…

52 Books: Honorable Mentions

Now that I have a child I would be remiss if I did not include the books that I have read to my boy...

The Very Hungry Caterpillarby Eric Carle
If I Could Keep You Little...
by Marianne Richmond

by Don Freeman
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?
by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle
The Foot Book
by Dr. Seuss

52 Books: Book 52

Another year and another 52 books done. I wrapped up 2011 by reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. This is one of my favorite stories of all time. My mom may be shocked to hear that either I never actually read Little Women or I have long since forgotten much of the written story.
The 1949 version of Little Women starring Elizabeth Taylor as Amy was watched repeatedly in our home when I was growing up and reading the book I was surprised at how closely this film followed the first half of the book. The second half is not followed quite as closely but was appropriate for the screen.
Growing up, I was disappointed that Laurie and Jo's romance never blossomed. It always bothered me. I wanted so badly for Jo {who I wanted to be like} to marry Laurie {who I adored} and it made me sad that the movie didn't end the way I thought it should. I think the book does a better job of making the case for why Jo and Laurie would never make a good pair. Either that or I have mature…

52 Books: Book 51

The year is drawing to an end and I think I just might make it to my goal of 52 books – new baby and all.
A friend recommended that I read The Happiest Baby on the Blockby Harvey Karp. I have been reading it off and on since Jack was born. At times it felt odd to read a book that is specifically addressing parents of colicky babies as Jack is already a pretty happy baby and generally sleeps well. However I pushed on and discovered that the steps recommended in this book work for my happy baby too.
Those evenings that Jack is fussier than usual or when Daniel is watching Jack while I run errands or when I need to lay Jack down for his nap but he just wants to be held. In each of these scenarios, the 5 S's have worked marvelously for us.
The steps are Swaddle, Side, Shhhh, Swing, and Suck. We had been kind of lax on the swaddling because Jack likes to have his hands available – he is a very tactile baby. But when he is fussy, swaddling combined with the other steps really does work.
I t…

What I Wore Wednesday: 6Weeks5Days PostPartum

I really thought I would be back into a regular exercise routine by now. Unfortunately Thanksgiving and Christmas have gotten in the way of my plans. The rest of the time I have just been plain tired from being a mom. Those 8:00 and 9:00 am workouts come really early when you have been up in the middle of the night to feed your baby.
The best thing about the past week is that I got to stop giving myself daily injections of Lovenox in my stomach. I can't tell you how happy to be done with that. Nine months of shots is not my cup of tea.

This week we discovered the joys of the 5 S's (Swaddling, Side/Stomach, Shushing, Swinging and Sucking) from The Happiest Baby on the Block. This method is allowing me to be able to lay Jack down for his naps without holding him the entire time... which in turn means I can actually get stuff done while Jack naps - yay!
I have had several people ask me about cloth diapers recently so I will be posting in the next day or so about our cloth diapering …

Jack's First Christmas

Daniel and I spent the last couple of days talking about the things we remember most about Christmas when we were kids and how we can recapture the magic of our childhoods for Jack. Specifically what old traditions that we each grew up with that we want to incorporate as well as what new traditions we would like to add.

This year, we are still getting our bearings as new parents and Christmas for a one month old is more for the grandparents and aunts/uncles than it is for our baby. 

We are looking forward to next year when Jack can be more involved in the Christmas festivities. But for now, we cherish being able to cuddle our sweet little one.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with Daniel's mom, sisters and grandparents.

Christmas morning we went to church with Daniel's mom, Regina, and sister, Emily. Regina had a ball showing off her grandson. Daniel thought this scenario was probably our pediatrician's worst nightmare, but Jack sure seemed to love all of the people gushin…

What I Wore Wednesday: 5Weeks5Days PostPartum

The past week has been super busy. Mostly with visiting. Having a baby brings out the visitors in droves, but we don't mind.

Last Friday we had lunch with our friends, the Reynolds. Saturday, Daniel's mom, grandmother and sisters came for a visit. Sunday we had missionary friends from South Africa drop by for lunch. Sunday evening, Daniel's dad came and took us to dinner. Monday, Daniel's sister Amy came for an overnight stay. Tuesday night we went to a Christmas party with the engineering group from TVA. Wednesday was my first Pinterest Craft Day and my brother, Mark, came for an overnight stay.

If we weren't busy enough, we have a trip to Nashville planned for Christmas and then finally some time to breathe. Next week will bring more visits from friends and then a trip back to Nashville to see my family after the new year.
 Daniel and his sisters.
I am so thankful my recovery from birth has been swift. Otherwise this might be a bit much. As is, I am loving having int…

Pin It

Back in October I blogged about my desire to be more proactive in actually taking my Pinterest inspiration and putting it to use. Two months and one baby later, I finally decided to start a Pinterest craft day and I asked my friend, Laura, if she wanted to join me. We have decided to get together at least once a month to craft and today kicked off our first official Pinterest Craft Day.

Our crafts of choice included a Paper Book Wreath for Laura and quilted Christmas stockings for me.
Laura's Wreath Inspiration
My Paper Wreath Inspiration from 2009
Interestingly enough back in December of 2009 I made a paper book wreath and started working on a set of Christmas stockings but never finished (after 9 years of marriage, Daniel and I still don't have Christmas stockings).
Original Stocking Inspiration from 2009
More Recent Stocking Inspiration
Laura liked my wreath and wanted to make one for herself and I wanted to get my stockings made, so we spent the afternoon hanging out an…

52 Books: Book 50

How is it that I am 31 years old and I am just now reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? I have seen various movie versions of this story, but had never taken the time to read the classic book. I am so glad I did. It was a good reminder of what is important at this time of year. No bah humbugs here.

52 Books: Book 49

I admit it. I resisted reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I guess it seemed too mainstream or something. I never did get into Harry Potter or Twilight and I suppose I lumped it in as part of a trendy genre of books. 
Anyways, I got a free download of The Hunger Games on my Kindle Fire and I read it and I am totally hooked. I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy. Maybe I need to revisit my thoughts on trendy literature...

52 Books: Book 48

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba is the true story of how William grew up in Malawi and was forced to drop out of school because of a famine that occurred in 2002. During this period William starts visiting a local library in an effort to continue his education on his own. 
This library has a total of three rows of books that have been donated from all over the world. His visits to the library lead him to a book called Explaining Physics. He slowly starts making his way through this book, digesting the diagrams and looking up the English words in a dictionary. He is so enthralled by the book that he decides to build his own small windmill. 
The local villagers call him a madman because all they see is a boy who is collecting trash and building a structure that is inconceivable to them. In the end William builds a functioning windmill and has a dream to build a structure that light up his entire village and another that can pump water and prevent starvation during any …

Nine Years and Counting

Daniel and I have now been married for NINE years. Can that be right? I feel like we just started dating. Now we have a mortgage. And a dog. And a baby. And lots and lots and lots of wonderful memories.
Happy Anniversary to the one I love the most. I love you Moore.

Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments

In the last couple of years Daniel and I have started the tradition of having two Christmas trees {mostly due to having a living room and a bonus room}. Anyways, our bonus room holds our small, fake tree that we bought from Big Lots when we were first married {9 years ago}. We decorate this tree with the ornaments that we have been collecting over the years.

The second tree is a {large} real tree in our living room. We decorate this tree with white twinkle lights and homemade ornaments – usually I bake gingerbread cookies and string popcorn. This year's tree is ginormous and seeing that I am a new mom, I decided {wisely} that I didn't have time to string popcorn. Instead I made a white and red paper ring garland out of construction paper {pictures to come in a later post}.

Yesterday, thanks to my Moby Wrap, I was able to spend an afternoon baking cookies without Jack fussing too much. 

I tried a new recipe this year and am really pleased with the outcome.
I will write another post…

What I Wore Wednesday: 4Weeks5Days PostPartum

Being a new mom is not without its challenges. Some days Jack just wants to be held. This makes it difficult to get anything done.
Enter the Moby Wrap. This has been a lifesaver to me on numerous occasions. Allowing me to grocery shop or cook or do laundry. I may not get a shower every day, but with some strategic planning or the Moby as my back up, I can get things done.
Wednesday, my Moby allowed me to spend an afternoon baking gingerbread cookies to decorate our Christmas tree with.

Last Monday I felt like a normal person again. I met a friend for lunch. I ran errands {including a trip to Walmart for groceries courtesy of the Moby Wrap} and finally I went to a Zumba class that night. It felt great.
It was also exhausting.
I am learning how to multi-task like never before, but I am also learning my limitations – normally by Thursday of each week I am crashing, but thankfully Daniel has three-day weekends and is able to help me recover.

Last Friday we went to the Christmas tree farm to pic…

Jack is One Month Old

Where has the time gone? Jack is already one month old!
Week One Recap From day one, Jack has been wide eyed while he observes the world around him. He always looks at amazement at anything new {which is everything}.

At Jack's one week doctor's appointment we found out that he is healthy and growing like a weed – he had already surpassed his birth weight of 6lbs 12oz and was a whopping 6lbs 14 oz.
Jack seems to know my voice and could care less about Sophie's barking.

Our little guy enjoys being swaddled, but it is imperative that his arms be free. He has a thing about wanting to touch and hold everything, even at a week old.
Week Two Recap Jack continues to amaze us. He is so laid back and loves to cuddle. This is the week he celebrated his first Thanksgiving and met a lot of my extended family. 

Jack started grinning this week, especially in his sleep. It melts my heart. He can also track movements with his eyes – left and right and up and down.

Grunting is Jack's main form…

Trying to Outdo the Griswolds...

Today marked our very first visit to a Christmas tree farm. Tradition #4 is to decorate a live tree. We decided that now that we have a child the whole experience should be more than just running to the local Home Depot to pick out a tree.

To kick things off Daniel researched tree farms in the area and we settled on the Thornhill Christmas Tree Farm in Pisgah, AL. As the crow flies, it is 9 miles from our house, directly across the Tennessee River. As the GPS {and roads} dictate, it was a 35-minute drive.

With an infant we have to be strategic in our trips. I fed Jack before we left. We bundled him up and off we went. Thankfully the car lulls him to sleep. After a quick stop at Zaxby's for lunch, we were on our way up Sand Mountain.

The Christmas tree farm was easy to find. Going in the middle of the day on a Friday was perfect for us. We were the only ones there and were able to let Sophie run around off leash – I think she was in doggy heaven. I was also able to squeeze in a quick …