Thursday, October 03, 2013

Our Week in Food, and other things.

This week was our third to spend in an extended stay hotel. We are getting much faster at the weekly pack up our lives/live in a hotel thing. I'm pretty sure that Jack's favorite part is getting to ride the luggage cart.

Last weekend we rented a rather large lift so that Daniel could fix a couple of spots on our roof and do some pressure washing to the side of our house. We need to get things in tip top shape before we list our home. I'm pretty sure that while it was a hard day's work for Daniel, he enjoyed getting to operate big equipment. As I mentioned on Facebook, he even took me up in the lift after Jack was in bed so that we could gaze at the stars from above our roof line, a good 40 feet in the air. It was a pretty sweet experience.

Over the weekend I also had the chance to work on a chair recovering project. I inherited this chair from my grandmother. My dad says it was his grandfathers from the early 1900s. I have found evidence of at least 4 kinds of fabric as I have removed the current fabric. I even remember some iterations of the older fabrics, so it has been a little walk down memory lane.

Sunday night we ate at Lupi's Pizza Pies in Chattanooga and discovered that you should never park your car under trees that are full of birds – even if it is a good parking spot.

Monday I attempted to cook in the hotel. It was a bit of a flop. The cooktops in the hotel are tiny and the burners are small. The pan I used (that was included with our kitchen) was not flat so it didn't heat evenly. It took well over an hour for my rice to cook. And even then there were occasional hard bits of rice.

Tuesday we ate at Cheeburger Cheeburger. I had been interested in eating here for some time. They make their burgers to order and Daniel and I both agreed our burgers tasted better than Five Guys (one of our favorites). We split a basket of onion rings and fries. The onion rings were way too greasy without much flavor while the fries were decent, though we prefer Five Guys fries. Finally we split a chocolate peanut butter shake. Daniel loved it while I thought the flavors were good, but a bit too intense. Overall it was a good experience. We sat outside on the street since the weather was nice. It was a bit too close to the road for me (especially with a toddler). We had to keep a firm hold on Jack and not let him get down from the table. While we waited for our food, Daniel and Jack took a long walk. Our waitress was a bit slow in checking in with us, but that is somewhat to be expected when you sit outside.
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Wednesday night we opted to eat the burgers and salad offered by our hotel. They were pretty good. We have been impressed by the complimentary offerings at the Staybridge Inn and Suites.

We have decided to chill out on finding a place to rent (as you might remember, last week I mentioned that we were a bit stressed about this process). The last two weeks of rental house hunting were frustrating. 

Thankfully we realized that we were straying from some of our original housing goals that we had agreed to when we started this whole challenge of traveling during the week. 

We are in the process of regrouping so that we can make the best decision about where to live. In the meantime we are focusing more on getting our house ready to put on the market. 

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