Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chats with Jack ⎮ September, 2014

Jack is going to be three in less than a month. Almost-three has been a ton of fun. Jack says such sweet and goofy things. We want to remember it all. Here are some of the things he was doing and saying in the month of September...

When I ask a question and his answer is "No" he says, "Uh, no thank you" in a sweet, sing song, little boy voice that melts my heart.

Right now Jack has an obsession with trying to lasso things. He calls any rope his "yeehaw rope" and swings it proudly in an attempt to catch something.

At the beginning of September, Jack experienced his first gash in head. Thankfully he didn't have to get stitches. I did have to sign a waiver at the Y saying he ran into the gate on his own accord and it wasn't their fault. 

A few funny phrases Jack has adopted:
When we say something is "very big" Jack will tell us it is "a lot of big."
He also says "last-erday" instead if yesterday.

We finally got a bike with training wheels and a scooter, he loves both. A couple of weeks after having his new toys he said, "I'm so glad to have my new scooter. If it got lost, I would cry." I'm pretty sure we will have him out on the mountain bike trails in a couple of years.

Jack has invented his own new sport for in the house: He hits the soccer ball with his tee ball bat and then runs the bases – i.e. he runs around the kitchen island 3x.

 He also likes to do yoga at bedtime, for him this is always a one-legged downward dog.

Currently, Jack's favorite YouTube video is the Human Powered Helicopter. He asks to watch it all the time. Future mechanical engineer?

We have learned that Jack is too analytical for Dr. Seuss. Bedtime stories include a lot of questions including, "What's a Tuttle Tuttle tree? Why is she riding on a red rhinoceros? What's a zizzer zazzer zuzz?"

Jack has a fascination with marching bands. He loves to stomp around while playing a drum.

He is also enamored with sailors and pirates since our visit to the LST Floating Museum and our trip to the beach.

Jack loves the beach. I think he would spend every day of his life at the beach if he could. He called our beach house on vacation the "Pirates House on the beach."

His favorite church songs are "Lord's Army" and the "Days of Creation." One day in the car, he told me the words to a song, which I sang back to him (since I already knew the song). He proceeded to tell me, "you're doing great!"

Jack learned his first memory verse this month: "Children obey your parents. Ephesians 6:1."

I'm not sure where this came from, but one day Jack randomly told Daniel, "You need to buy a motorcycle with two seats. I will buckle on my helmet and ride behind you."

When we were snorkeling on vacation, Daniel dove under water with his feet above the surface. I asked Jack, "Where's daddy?" and Jack said, "He went down the rabbit hole." We have an Alice in Wonderland book that shows Alice's feet going down the rabbit hole. We love how he makes connections like that.

Jack has a fascination with our neighborhood and seeing our neighbors. One day he headed up driveway our driveway on this bike and said, "I want to go see my naaybor."

If I need to do something like cook dinner, I will tell Jack, "come get me if you need something." Now at random times he will say, "mommy, I need something!" But he never tells me what the something is without some prompting. This is funny but also frustrating. He thinks it is hilarious.

Funny conversation between Jack and one of our friend's older kids:
Jack to Andrew: I don't like carrots, they smell yucky.
Andrew: What do the smell like?
Jack: Carrots.

Me: Are you a big boy?
Jack: No.
Me: Are you a baby?
Jack: No. I'm Jack!

See Jack get his first bike. 

See Jack practice balancing on his bike (no training wheels and no pedals).

See Jack start the four wheeler. 

See Jack practice using a toy front loader.

See Jack pedal a bike for the first time.

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