Monday, June 27, 2016

Chats with Jack ⎮ March-June, 2016

Jack continues to keep us on our toes with his assessment of the world around him. He is funny and kind, a good friend to everyone, and a great big brother to Isaac. This is a little glimpse into chats we have had with him over the last several months...

Jack: I have a book cut.
Me: It's called a paper cut. 
Jack: Book cut is how you say it in French. 

Levi: Let's eat all the grapes. 
Jack: No, that will give you a stomachache. 

I love policemen, they are my favorite super hero. 

At the start of a trip with my brother, Jack insisted we stop our car until Uncle Mark buckled his seat belt. 

After being stuck in a car on a road trip with Jack for many hours this conversation ensued between Mark and Jack:
Jack: Why? Why? Why? (regarding a variety of things)
Mark in response to a millionth "why" question: Just because. 
J: What does "just because" mean. 
M: It means stop asking questions. 
J: Why?
M: Because I'm tired. 
J: Why?

My favorite part of life is Ninja Turtles and elevators. 

Noah's Ark [petting zoo] came to school today, but not the boat. 

Mommy, you're ruining my love of making mud pies. 

Daddy come quick, its nature! it's so cool! Jack found a millipede outside and saved it from getting dumped on by the dump truck.
Me and Levi are a different kind of twins. 

Mommies and daddies know everything. 

Daddy, do you know who i am? I changed my name to Sideswipe [the transformer]. 

I'm wearing naked shorts [aka going commando].

I ordered an egg roll at a local Chinese restaurant while eating out with just the boys. It came before the rest of the meal and I cut it in half and asked Jack if he wanted some. He proceeded to tell me that it "smelled like poop" and he held his nose until the rest of our meal came. 

While praying: Thank you for everything, except bugs and bad guys. 

Jack has an imaginary friend named Dezzy who we can't see because he is camouflaged

Jack calls himself the "baby patrol."

Regarding a check I received for work, and the fact that mommy and daddy share money: "Do you break this in half so you both have pieces of the money?"

Daddy you don't even win because you were fourth. There's only three places just like Mario [Cart].

Regarding taking a nap: I didn't nap. I never nap. I just laid and snored. 
Mommy you were being mystic (optimistic). So tell me the truth. 

When are we going to get rid of Sophie... And get a cat?

I want a bumpy bed [bunk bed] from the blue store that has a playground [IKEA]. 

Do we get to do the "good game" high fives? [during a T Ball game]

[Chocolate animal crackers] it could make our brains happy. 

Jack: I'm a tomato, you know, that sucks up everything. 
Me: You mean a "tornado"??

Listening to the song "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and Jack wanted to know if it was a song about "no more monkeys jumping on the bed."

Me: Was this a good day (referring to hiking Huckleberry Knob.)
Jack: This is the awesome-est day. 

On top of Huckleberry Knob is a cross and a plaque about men who died on the mountain. Jack's thoughts...
Maybe Jesus died there [at a cross].
I'm always going to be prepared. I don't want to die up here. 

If I swim in the water, I won't complain about cold. 

Did you know we are driving on God's hand? Because God has the whole world in his hand. 

Sushi is a real word. It means that people are eating rotten [raw] fish.

And that wraps up the latest installment of Chats with Jack.

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