Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Creative Discovery Museum Day Camp

We hadn't initially planned on signing Jack up for camp this summer, especially when we looked at the options where we live. There are some amazing day camps but they all seemed to be $300+. Then a friend mentioned that they were sending their 4-year-old to a day camp at The Creative Discovery Museum and it was only $80 for the week. That seemed a lot more reasonable for a young kid.

We have been members of The Creative Discovery Museum for the last three years and I felt good about letting Jack spend some additional time there, plus he would already know one person. So we signed up, arranged to carpool, and off Jack went to his very first day camp.

Jack had a blast during the week. The only negative was really for me, with a pick-up time of noon, day camp really threw off my schedule for the week. But being a parent is at least partially about sacrifice, so I gave up my Y classes for the week (two weeks later I am paying for it, but that is another story).

Each day of camp was based on a different animal's TV show. With corresponding snacks and crafts. I think Jack was familiar with everything except Horton Hears a Who. He had a fantastic time and we would definitely consider signing him up again next year.

Day 1: Peppa Pig
This is an example of their snacks: 
ham, cheese, crackers and raisins to make a pig face

 Jack and his buddy show off their craft: pig snouts.

Day 2: Daniel Tiger
They made slime as a craft. Jack loved the slime he got to bring home. 
It was great fun until he stuck it in his hair...

 Silly tiger face.

Day 3: Pete the Cat
 Getting to check out the corn snake.

 Two little police men.

 Dressing up like a police man was Jack's favorite thing to do at camp.

 Pete the Cat craft.

 Cutting out glasses for his Pete the Cat.

 Making music...

and playing with sand.
Day 4: Horton Hears a Who
 Jack says this was elephant toothpaste.

 More time being policemen.

 We can never leave the museum without stopping to make bubbles.

Day 5: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
 Craft time.

 Their snacks were a sampling of food from The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

Jack's award for the week was "Most Likely to Arrest You."

Overall, camp was a great experience. I can't believe we have a child who is old enough to attend day camp!

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