Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hidden Hills Tractor Day, 2016

Daniel's dad and my dad both grew up on farms, and when we were kids, Daniel and I both had opportunities to spend time on farms – Daniel's grandparents still owned their farm when he was small, and one of my mom's uncles had a dairy farm when I was growing up.

As an adult, I don't know a single person who works on a farm. It's a bit shocking to see that shift in a single generation.

Since we can't just pack up and go visit relatives at the farm, I am grateful for places like the Hidden Hills Farm and Saddle Club for opening their gates throughout the year.

On certain dates, they allow you to come play and explore their property. You can ride their horses, feed their chickens, and play on their equipment. It is a fantastic experience for little kids.

A week ago, we took advantage of their annual Tractor Day, meeting up with friends for a fun-filled afternoon at this farm.

It was our second time to attend Tractor Day and I'm pretty sure that it is one of Jack's favorite experiences. Where else can a kid (or adult) ride in the bucket of an excavator, and then operate the backhoe afterward?

There were several tractors to sit on, and Jack was intent on trying to operate them (it's a good thing that no keys were accidentally left in the ignitions!).

Besides the tractors, the kids chased fed chickens, pestered a bull, and had the opportunity to ride a horse.

It was a beautiful day for an outing with friends. We enjoyed a picnic together, and then wrapped up the visit with a hayride.

I'm so glad there are still places we can go where children can get a little glimpse of a farm world, even if it is just for a few hours.

The cost to attend a play day at this farm is $10 for your first child and $5 for any additional kids. If you are interested in a Hidden Hills play day, be sure follow their page on Facebook to find out when the next event is.

Trying to feed the chickens.

Jack taking a turn working the back hoe.

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