Thursday, November 02, 2006

Most Recent Embarrassing Moment

I take step aerobics. I have been doing step for about 3 years now so I should be adept at the class. Step aerobics involve a 6-12 inch high, 3 foot long, 1 foot wide step that you do a pattern of steps on and around.

Well in all of my great ability and gracefulness, last night at step class we were doing a more complex pattern of steps that involved stepping over and across the step and then turning around. I cannot adequately describe what happened, but basically my feet missed a step or two and I found myself laying on the ground on my back.

The instructor stopped instructing to ask me if I was ok. I promptly jumped back on my feet, gave her a thumbs up and finished the class.

The whole thing would not have been quite so embarrassing if it were a class full of strangers. However in this case, there is a girl from work that takes the class with me. After class I broke the ice and asked her if she had seen me fall and I made a wise crack about my clumsiness. Thankfully I do not hurt, but that could be coming...

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