Friday, November 03, 2006

What do you need a 30 pack of drill bits, wax toilet bowl rings & 25 gallons of screws for?

This is the question Daniel posed as a riddle to the helpful Home Depot guy. After the HD guy scratched his head and couldn't come up with an answer, Daniel gave the answer to the riddle (my dad knows the answer)...

The screws are for screwing down the subfloor in our living room to prevent current and future squeeks before we install the new floor.

The drill bits are to pre-drill the holes for the screws. The floor is 20+ years old and the wood is extra hard and prone to break the drill bits (thus the 30 pack of drill bits).

The wax toilet bowl rings (this is the brilliant part from my dad) is to put the tips of the screws into to help them enter the floor in a quicker, smoother manner.

After the explanation, the HD guy scratched his head again and said that he had heard of screwing down floors but never of using a wax ring to help with the process.

You have now learned something that you probably did not know before - unless you are my dad...

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