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Deep Survival

I just finished reading the book Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. The book relates many extreme examples of survival that people were able to live to tell about. It also shares some examples where people did not survive. The point of his book is to try to understand what makes some people survive while others just give up and die.

In the last chapter it talks about 12 possible things that sets survivors apart from the rest. These 12 things include the ability to:
Perceive and believe your circumstanceStay calmThink, analyze and planTake correct, decisive actionCelebrate your successesCount your blessingsPlaySee the beautyBelieve you will succeedSurrenderDo whatever is necessaryNever give upOne other component not covered in this list is that there is a degree in circumstance. Sometimes you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Conversely others may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Overall the book is about how people react when they are put in trying …

You have bike questions, my husband has answers...

There have been a couple of times people have asked me about bike stuff. While I do ride a bike for pleasure and sometimes for commuting or to buy groceries, all of what I know or do comes from the research of my overly analytical husband who loves bikes and loves researching. Anyways, here is a comprehensive list of suggestions he wrote a while back. If you are looking into getting into biking and are curious about the costs and recommendations, this is for you...

Includes info on helmets, gloves, hydration, bike shorts & seats, locks, lights, racks & panniers and general thoughts on types of bikes (in that order).

Helmets: $20-$40 ones are fine, they all protect the same, some are just cooler looking so people pay way too much $$ for them.

Gloves: Padded are more comfortable and protect your hands if you fall off. Maybe $15-$30?

Hydration: Water bottle is fine for rides 1 hours and less, longer than that you’ll need either multiple bottles, or a C…

Sleep Paralysis

So a couple of nights ago, our interior infrared motion detector went off in the middle of the night. This was proceeded by me having what I thought was a panic attack - I woke up thinking I had heard something and was unable to move. When the alarm sounded, we both immediately sat up in bed and tried to decide what to do. After waiting for some time, and not hearing any noise, we agreed that Daniel should investigate.

I hid in the bathroom and Daniel went to clear the house. After being gone for a while, he came back to say that no one was in the house, but the sliding glass door in the basement was unlocked. We had most likely left it unlocked on Sunday after we ate lunch on our deck. So was someone in our house? We don't know.

This was the first time that I had ever told Daniel that I occasionally have what I thought to be panic attacks in the middle of the night. Generally they are close to when I fall asleep, sometimes I wake up with them. When this happens, I wak…

Weekend Stuff

Old pic of Daniel and I playing DDR.
This weekend has been gorgeous . Thankfully we were able to take advantage of the sunshine and get some much needed yard work done. We are trying not to be the neighbors that everyone hates. Anyways, branches from spring storms have been picked up and the grass has been mowed. One of these days we will hopefully have time to start thinking about landscaping.

Today we were also able to get the master bathroom tiling wrapped up. All that is left is grouting and then installation of baseboard, plumbing, toilet and vanity.

I had really wanted to go mountain biking this weekend, but unfortunately we ran out of time. I did manage to spend some time being lazy in my hammock in the sunshine. I am definitely looking forward to more time in the hammock.

Saturday night we went to a cook out with friends. An evening of Dance Dance Revolution, Wii and other video games ensued. The highlight for me was watching uncoordinated engineers trying to do D…