Tuesday, November 16, 2010

100 things I would like to do in my lifetime:

I have an ongoing list in my mind of things that I would like to do in my lifetime. Over the years I have crossed off some of the things on the list and have added new things. I recently read Mighty Girl's list and was inspired to commit to writing down my own list. A lot of my dreams have to do with travel and adventure. Some are work oriented and some are personal goals to accomplish some time in my life. I hope that I am someday able to mark off all the things on my list. But if not, I feel truly blessed to have done the things already marked off.

1. Visit all 5 Great Lakes
2. Open a coffee shop/bakery
3. Design a yearly calendar planner 

4. Hike 100 miles on the Tour de Mt Blanc
5. Climb/hike/visit the highest points in all 50 states  

--- Highest Points I have been to, to date: Mt. Magazine, AR; Mt. Elbert, CO; Mt. Mitchel, NC; Mt. Rogers, VA; Clingman's Dome, TN; Mt. Washington, NH, Brasstown Bald, GA; Cheaha Mountain, AL; Lakewood Park, FL ---
6. Visit Patagonia
7. Tramp the Milford Track in New Zealand
8. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef
9. Learn how to ride a motorcycle/get my motorcycle license

10. Become a mother
11. Get a dog
12. Raise and train a puppy
13. Design and print a family cookbook
14. Stay married until “death do us part” 

15. Bike tour in SouthEast Asia
16. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
17. Learn how to sail
18. Ride 4-wheelers in the mountains 

19. Bike a century
20. Participate in a triathlon
21. Host a Thanksgiving dinner
22. Make Christmas stockings
23. Design and build a house
24. Live in Colorado
25. Spend a week canoeing in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area
26. Visit Yellowstone
27. Hike in the Grand Tetons
28. Raft in the Grand Canyon
29. Visit Carlsbad Caverns
30. Join a spelunking club
31. Visit Havasu Falls
32. Learn how to ski 

33. Ski in the Rocky Mountains
34. Hut-to-hut cross country ski
35. Ride horses on a beach
36. Open a bed-and-breakfast that also offers guided outdoorsy day trips
37. Live in the same city as my parents, sister and brother {as a grown up}
38. Marry my best friend
39. Get married on a budget of less than $2500

40. Knit a sweater
41. Learn how to make fried chicken as good as my mom
42. Visit Denali
43. Drive cross country and tent camp in national forests
44. Own a Land Cruiser
45. Run a half marathon
46. Read 52 books in one year
47. Learn how to mountain bike 

48. Grow my own vegetables
49. Grow my own herbs
50. Keep indoor plants alive
51. Participate in a Muddy Buddy
52. Participate in an Adventure Race
53. Get to and maintain a healthy weight
54. Graduate from college
55. Teach

56. Build a zip line in my back yard
57. Learn and understand how to use CSS to design/develop a web site
58. Design a line of greeting cards
59. Make my own bread {without a bread machine} 

60. Go on a cruise
61. Travel overnight in a sleeper car in Europe
62. Hike in the Alps

63. Cook every day for one year
64. Visit Papua New Guinea as a grownup
65. Learn how to scuba dive

66. Go parasailing
67. Skydive
68. Shoot a gun

69. Learn how to crochet
70. Be financially able to retire by age 55
71. Make a profit, buying, renovating and selling a house
72. Illustrate a children’s book
73. Mountain bike in Moab
74. Visit missionary friends in South Africa Scotland
75. Visit missionary friends in Papua New Guinea

76. Visit the Great Wall of China
77. Make a quilt
78. Write a book
79. Own a cabin in the woods
80. Fly a plane
81. Learn how to rock climb

82. Go snow shoeing
83. Own rental property
84. Become completely debt free {including mortgage}
85. Sleep on a beach

86. Read my Bible through in chronological order
87. Start a compost pile
88. Visit all of the continents except Antarctica {I only lack Africa and S. America}
89. Use public transportation to commute to work

90. Learn how to roll a kayak
91. Get a haircut I love
92. Join a book club
93. Hike the entire Appalachian Trail {section hike or through hike}
94. Learn how to make and decorate cakes and cupcakes that look and taste professional
95. Participate in building a house with Habitat for Humanity
96. Paddle the Gauley {in the fall}
97. Go Canyoning in Interlaken Switzerland
98. Visit an aquarium

99. Watch an eclipse
100. See a bear in the wild


  1. Awesome list! Want to visit South America with me next year??? I'm planning on going to the Galopagos Islands in May. There's also a roll clinic held at Greenway Farms in Hixson.

  2. That is great to know about the roll clinic in Hixson. I will have to check it out when it gets warmer. Would love to visit the Galopagos Islands... will have to talk to D before committing to anything, but it sounds fun!


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