Monday, November 17, 2014

Curious George Birthday Party, Jack's 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Jack's 3rd Birthday party with family members that were able to come spend the day with us.

Each year I get a little more low key with the party happenings. This year, Jack requested Curious George for the theme. Really, he is thrilled to just have cake, balloons and loved ones to play with for the day.

Being pregnant, I decided we should just order pizza, though I did make a cake. For decorations, I created a fun invitation, and our traditional 12 month photo collage. 

We hung streamers and my brother blew up balloons. Jack was in 3-year-old heaven with the streamers.

He got some really great gifts from family and we bought him a $5 electric toothbrush, because that is what he requested.

For a newly turned 3-year-old he sure has some definite opinions of what he likes and doesn't like. 

We continued to be blessed by having this little guy in our lives. Parenting him is such a joy.

1st Birthday Party // 2nd Birthday Party

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