Thursday, January 05, 2012

50 Taters

After living in north-east Alabama for the past year, I finally ate at 50 Taters. Don't get me wrong, I have tried many times to go to this local eatery but was always deterred {mostly by odd hours of operation... open on the third Sunday after the 5th Monday of the month or some such nonsense as that}.

They recently moved their location from the court square in Scottsboro, AL to the Walmart shopping center. I am a bit sad that I never made it to the location on the square as I am sure it felt more authentic, but I bet their business is increasing ten-fold now that they are located on Hwy 72.

We actually tried to go there about a week ago and were turned away because they were out of everything except cheeseburgers. How can a place known for its spuds run out of potatoes???

Anyway, today Jack and I ventured into town to meet Daniel and his co-workers for lunch and it did not disappoint. Daniel and I split a Loaded Tater with Pork and it cost less than $9 {including the tip}. I would definitely recommend that you check out 50 Taters {just know that they are closed on Monday and have some odd hours on weekends}. Also, if you go to late in the evening you might run into a situation where they are out of everything!

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