Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Things (Things I Have Learned From My Dad)

Things I Have Learned From My Dad

1. A love of learning. My dad is a walking encyclopedia. I think I get my desire to know as much as I can from him.

2. If you are able to help someone less fortunate than you, do it. No questions. No strings attached. 

3. How to garden. If I ever get around to growing my own garden, my dad will be the first person I go to for advice.

4. Why Jack's diapers smell like buttered popcorn... butyric acid.

5. My knack for coming up with a million and one ideas {that may or may not work out}. I suppose this is more inherited than learned.

6. How a woman should be treated. My dad isn't perfect but he has always set a good example for me by how he has treated my mom. He does the sweetest things like picking her flowers or bringing home a bag of chocolates just because {well maybe they are for him, but you get the picture}.

7. Passion. My dad is a very passionate man when it comes to things he believes strongly in. He has been known to draw a line in the sand. Sometimes it is important to be passionate about things you believe in.

8. Good grammar {thanks to both of my parents}. I apologize for when I have run on sentences – they can probably be attributed to lack of sleep :)

9. This is more a memory than something I have learned, but when I was growing up, every night my dad would call out "Goodnight Cheree... Goodnight Angela... Good night Mark." It was very sweet and always made me feel loved. Goodnight John Boy!

10. Sometimes it is more important to help people than to get stuck in bureaucracy.

Happy {early} Father's Day Dad! 
I love you and I am so glad to be your daughter!

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