Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Things: 10 Products We Regularly Used for Jack (3-6 Months)

About the time Jack turned 3 months, I wrote a post outlining our top 3 things we needed for an infant. Basically our little guy needed a place in our room to sleep, warm clothes to wear, cloth diapers, a good carseat and mama's milk to thrive {ironically I don't think I included any of those things in my original list}.

As a follow up, here are the top items we used for Jack during the 3-6 month phase of his life on planet Earth.

1. Crib – we moved him to his crib around 4 months. We were thrilled to be able to get a good, modern crib at a steal of a price from IKEA {we chose the SUNDVIK and painted and stenciled the ends}.

2. Bibs/Burp Cloths – our little one spit up A LOT for the first 6 months of his life. Bibs were a life saver once I started using them regularly. Our favorites were the Just One You by Carter's cloth bibs with a snap {instead of velcro} from Target.

3. Play Gym – Jack loves the mobile on his play mat/gym. He especially loved it once he could grab the little birds that were circling above his head. I liked having a place I could lay him where he could be entertained while I caught up on work.
4. iPhone – I finally upgraded to a smart phone {for work reasons} around the time Jack turned 3 months old. The iPhone was easier to use than my Kindle {one handed} when I was nursing Jack. Talk about improving my life. I could read books, surf the internet, and track our little guy's nursing/diapers/sleeping habits with the Baby Nursing app.

5. Books.Books.Books. – we read a lot of books to our little guy. As the months passed he has become more and more engaged in what we are reading. By 6 months he was reaching out to help turn pages and/or trying to eat the pages.

6. BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller – we decided to skip out on a regular stroller and picked up a used BOB Revolution via Craigslist {retail is $399, we paid a fraction of that price}. We LOVE this stroller. We use it regularly for running/walking. It fits our lifestyle to a tee. We do not own another stroller and are glad that we didn't go with a typical travel stroller system.

7. Baby Bjorn – for the first 6 months of Jack's life I used the Baby Bjorn carrier specifically for grocery shopping and doing chores around the house. It kept Jack close to me and safe. I liked that he could interact with people {especially as he got bigger and we faced him outward} but I still had control over this interaction with strangers. We picked up a used carrier at Unclaimed Baggage for $8 {this carrier generally retails for $74+ on Amazon}.


8. Kelty Messenger Diaper Bag – Daniel actually picked out the diaper bag we carry for Jack. Since Jack is a boy and Daniel didn't want to have to carry anything that looked overly feminine, he won this battle. We agreed on the Kelty Messenger Diaper Bag in black/gray. We really like the sleek look, durable material and the portable changing pad that comes with it. On the rare occasion I have changed Jack on a changing table in a restroom at a restaurant, I really liked being able to 1) lay our changing pad down for Jack to lay on and 2) being able to access things within the diaper bag without laying it on the ground. It is just big enough to carry several cloth diapers, a couple of changes of clothes, a couple of bibs and burp cloths, a toy or two and my phone and wallet. There is an insulated pocket for bottles, but it is not something we have used.
9. Baby Monitor – This item made the transition from bassinet in our downstair's bedroom to nursery on the second floor easier. It took us a while to get the sensitiviy settings correct. I had many a panicked moment in the first few days where I thought Jack must have stopped breathing due to our monitor going off. This item gives me a sense of security. Though having it go off due to a power outage in the middle of the night is not a lot of fun. We own an AngelCare Movement and Sound Monitor. We chose to skip on the video monitor so that we won't be tempted to always be watching him. Though we can totally see the merit in owning the video, we just didn't think it was right for us.

10. Sound Machine – When Jack slept in our room he didn't need a sound machine. He probably still doesn't actually need one since he is fine without it when we travel. However it is nice to turn it on when he is sleeping and know it will block out some of our noises and probably help him to sleep a bit longer.

That is about it. We don't have a lot of extra stuff for Jack. We haven't found it necessary to have extras. No Pack N Play. No bottles. No excessive amounts of toys everywhere. Jack's needs are met and we don't feel overwhelmed by stuff. Which for us works.

One thing I have learned since becoming a parent is that everyone does it differently. Everyone has different needs and different ways of handling this thing called parenthood. This is just what works for us... we know the days are coming where the stuff will probably take over, but we are enjoying having a limited amount of stuff at this time.

*Update: I don't want to give the impression that this is all we own for baby. Of course we have changing stations {two in fact, one upstairs and one down}. A bathtub for bathing – the one we have has a sling that held Jack when he couldn't sit up. That sling would stink to high heaven though, no matter how often we washed it!!! We own some toys and there are a handful of pacis on hand throughout the house. Teething rings and blankets are all important staples. I just wanted to focus on our top items.


  1. What does Jack sleep in when you travel?

    1. For the first 5 months we used our Fisher Price Rock N' Play (this is what Jack slept in until we moved him to his crib). It was one of the 3 items listed in my original 0-3 months post. I didn't think to include it in this list since I had wrote about it previously.

      At 7 months we borrowed a Pack N Play from my sister one weekend when we were in Nashville. We will probably succumb and purchase our own at some point, but since that came after our 3-6 month phase, I will write about our decision in a future post.

  2. Funny, I'm working on a similar blogpost about Avery's favorite things at this stage.

    I admit we have a lot more stuff right now. We do have the pack 'n play, a swing and an exersaucer. The pack 'n play we used a lot in the first few months, then it became a depository for everything we wanted to get out of the way and it was taking up way too much room in the living room. We've folded it up and now only use it for travel. The swing was a shower hostess gift, and we only used for the first 4 months. We have passed that on to our friends who are expecting this fall. The exersaucer we borrowed from another friend. Avery LOVES it, and it's nice to know we can plop her in there and she can entertain herself for a little bit. But honestly, most of the time we sit her on a blanket in the living room and surround her with her favorite toys and she is a happy girl.

    As for books - if you don't have it, get Sandra Boynton's "The Going to Bed Book". We love it and read it every night. Avery's gotten to where she recognizes it and gets excited when we start reading it! And like Jack, she loves to turn the pages (sometimes a little too quickly...).

    You're right - we all parent a little differently and not one of us completely has it right. I applaud you for doing just what works for you. That's what I try to remember to do as well.

    1. That is funny about your Pack N' Play use :) I agree that a blanket is a favorite place to play for us too.

      I will have to look into the Going to Bed Book - we really like Sandra Boyton. Right now we read "Goodnight Moon" and one other random book every night. Jack gets so excited when we start reading Moon... sometimes we think it is a bit counter productive since it actually seems to wake him up :)

      I am looking forward to reading your blog post of Avery's favorite things.

    2. DONE.


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