Saturday, July 28, 2012

Milestone: Crawling

For the last couple of weeks, Jack has been toying with the idea of crawling. We discovered that if he was interested in something – namely something he wasn't supposed to have – he would make great efforts to get that thing. But he never really did more than scoot and pull and roll.

He then progressed to where he would shift himself from a sitting position into a crawling stance, with a look of great determination, and act like was going to crawl. This generally puttered out and ended with him laying his face on the ground in defeat or whining until we scooped him up or helped him attain the object of desire.

Yesterday, I sat him on a blanket to play while I folded some laundry from our drying rack. He moved himself into the crawling position and then resolutely crawled the two feet to the drying rack. Being the good mom that I am, I moved the drying rack further away and he proceeded to crawl to it. Then Daniel came inside and Jack finished crawling the rest of the way across the room to his daddy. It was really sweet.

We officially have a crawler. Later that day he crawled across the bonus room floor, ending at the vacuum cleaners – which he proceeded to lick. Everything has to be taste tested these days.

He doesn't crawl ALL of the time, sometimes he just likes to sit and play contentedly. I think our days without crawling are limited though. Time to get a baby gate AND start the baby proofing process. I know that Jack is almost 9 months old, but we haven't done ANY baby proofing yet.

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